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Photographer Excuses...waiting on album almost a year later

Coming up on our first anniversary and have been in contact with the photographer with no progress on album. They have everything  they need from us for the last 5 months. Album was included in cost. Have handled the matter patiently up until now. She has told us every month that it will be ready with proof in a month and 5 months later....NADA.

Photographer now claims she is ill and has been hospitalized this summer yet she's posting instagram pictures protesting the Democratic National Convention. Suggestions?

Re: Photographer Excuses...waiting on album almost a year later

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    At this point, you're looking at small claims court.

    Do you have the edited digital files and are just waiting on an album? If so, you could ask for a refund for the cost of the album and get it made elsewhere. If you still don't have anything though, I'd keep pushing for the photos.

    Send a registered letter (that way you have documentation that she received it) detailing that you will take legal action if X,Y,Z (whatever you are waiting for) is not received by X date.

    You can also submit a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

    Keep a record of all the times you tried to contact the photographer. Date, method of communication (phone, email, letter) and the result (no answer, left a message, she e-mailed you back telling you you would have everything by Y date). Keep a receipt of any money paid.

    We had a similar thing happen. We had a signed contract that stated we were to receive a photo gallery of proofs and all final edited images on a USB by 12 weeks after the date. Got nothing. At 16 weeks I started contacting our photog about the photos and she would say, "Oh I can't believe how quickly the time has passed! I'm just so busy! I'll get them to you ASAP" with no photos. Then she started ignoring e-mails and phone calls (I contacted her increasingly more often as the time went on). About 6 months out, we sent a registered letter detailing what was in our contract, what we expected (USB disc by X date) and what would happen if we did not receive (legal action). A few weeks later, a nice USB disc arrived in the mail. There were still some photos missing that were taken by the second shooter, so I had to go after the photog again a few times, but finally by 10 months out we had our photos. It was very frustrating. We paid all deposits regardless and kept a copy of the bank transfer information so that she couldn't come back and say she did not provide the images because we didn't pay.

  • I would look back at your contract to see how long she has to provide the album and then send her an e-mail letting her know that she is breaking (or is close to breaking) the contract and that you expect the photo album by x date. If not received by x date you will take y action.

    If the album is not produced and you have a contract stating that you've paid money specifically for the album and she has not provided, I would threaten legal action.

    If you have the photos, I might take the easy route and ask for your money to be returned and make your own.

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