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Vendor Questions

My other half started a new job that takes him out of state every week. We knew that going in so we decided to spend all of February-May 2016 seeking out vendors and trying to narrow down who we liked best. Our date is 4/14/2018. We originally thought we would pay all deposits in October (2016-18 months out). I thought that might be a load of stress off of me while he is gone. 

My questions is, Is that a reasonable amount of time? Too soon? We are from a small town and when I told the vendors what I wanted to do they kinda looked at me funny and said most people don't do that. What should I do? 

Thanks in advance!

Re: Vendor Questions

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    What is it that you want?  If there is something wrong with your plans, reputable vendors might not want to be involved.
  • Oh, now I get it.  You are having a re-do wedding after 15 years of marriage.  Yeah, most people don't do that because you only get one wedding, and you have had yours.
  • I dont see it being an issue as I too like to do things in advance
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