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Help! Parents Gifts...?

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Hi All,

Hoping we can get some help with this one!
My future in laws have been a pretty big part of our wedding. They threw us an engagement party & are also paying for our whole rehearsal dinner. They paid for dress alterations and my fiances tux (its his parents).
I feel like that is a big contribution to the wedding and we would like to get them something worth while as gifts.
They aren't too into frames and the "normal" gifts I have seen for parents. We are looking for an out of the box gift!
Any suggestions or recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated! I am an avid Etsy shopper so I have been searching and searching but still can't find the right gift!

Thank you in advance!!! 
(We are just over 5 weeks away from the wedding... talk about last minute :smile:

Re: Help! Parents Gifts...?

  • What do they like to do? What about a bottle of wine and a GC to a local fancy restaurant? Tickets to a show they might enjoy? 
  • I'm in the same boat. We're looking for out of the box parent gifts and are getting married in 6 weeks! I'll be interested to see what everyone else says. They only reco's I've seen are picture frames/photo albums

    A few idea's I've had:

    -a tree they could plant in their yard

    -a picture/drawing of our "new family tree"

    -a cross (mom is religious and collects them)

    -a bible with something inscribed inside

    -a gift basket (not out of the box, but I want it to say something like, thanks for all the work you've done. Now it's time to relax' and stock it with wine, a book, bath stuff, etc.)

  • Those are the same things that I have found!
    I think we have decided on buying them a double picture frame and recreating a picture that they took on their wedding day! 
  • Hi!  We got our in-laws a weekend getaway in a local city.  We booked them a hotel room and got them a gift card to a nice restaurant.
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