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Thursday is for chatting

I feel like this week is flying by!! THANK YOU BABY JESUS! I'm so excited for next weekend and my trip to see @minskat30 and @TwoDimes!!

I had to work late yesterday but I still feel pretty good. I had a nice call with our siding contractor yesterday evening. They are dropping off the dumpster for our old siding tomorrow and then all the new siding materials arrive on Saturday and work FINALLY starts on Monday! I just can't believe it's time already!!!

Last night for dinner I made borscht. Somehow I managed to come out of it with my hands not being completely stained red from shredding all the beets. I'm going to make a real effort to get back on the WW train and the meal was only 6 points! Plus a couple extra for that necessary dollop of sour cream.

I may or may not have to work late again this evening. When I get home I really need to get off my butt and mow the lawn while H works on rebuidling our deck and some other renovation activities.

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Re: Thursday is for chatting

  • @labro Wahhhhhh I'm so jealous! I want to come with!

    Yesterday I got some cleaning done, laundry, and party planning. I printed off Callie's favor tags and cut them out. I went to CrossFit and then we had leftovers. Nothing too exciting lol.

    Tonight is CrossFit again and DH is cooking dinner whoop whoop. I need to figure out what we are wearing for our photos this weekend. I'm thinking Callie is going to wear this cute Yellow and White dress her awesome auntie got her recently and I'll probably wear Dark blue or light blue dress. I want to see if Loft has any summer clothes on sale and I might go and get a new outfit. DH will probably just wear a button down as usual.
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    @southernpeach89 I LOVE those outfit ideas!!!!!

    ETA: I'm definitely not biased at all either since I got her that dress. ;)

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  • @minskat30 OMG YAY!!! YAY FOR SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!

  • @minskat30 BEST FEELING EVER! Omg I had to laugh at myself because two years ago when Maddux was a puppy, I posted about being woken up at 5:00a.m. by him to be let outside and how I have to have afternoon coffee because I'm so tired....LOLOLOL. My how things have changed. 

    5:00a.m. wake up is now the norm haha.
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  • @labro, be motivated this evening!

    @southernpeach89, good luck shopping!

    @minskat30, yay for a full night's sleep!!
    Last night I played at church again. We did Christmas in August, so there's nowhere to hide if you mess up a hymn because everyone knows it. Tuesday was a bad rehearsal, especially for "Hark the Herald Angels Sing," which you wouldn't think would be my kryptonite (I studied piano privately for 10-12 years, group for 5 - I like to think I know something about this instrument, damn Mendelssohn). Got through it top to bottom, though! My mom came up to hear me play and she could see me relax as I hit the final line for the last time.

    I started a scarf for my BFF. She's a huge Seahawks fan, so I'm making her a scarf in Seahawks colors commemorating the 2013 Super Bowl-winning season. Each game will be separated by one row of gray, every point the Seahawks scored will be a row of blue, and every point their opponent scored will be a row in green. They're in order the points were scored in the games, too.

    Tonight H and I will be doing prep work for Friday night gaming. We'll also make some sort of dinner. It'll probably be either chicken piccata or spaghetti alla puttanesca. I also need to wrap bridal shower gifts - I think I need wrapping paper, so I'll have to pick that up as well.

    Today I will be working on Blackboard for my class.
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  • @keptinstitches - Christmas in August sounds like fun!  

    @speakeasy14 - But you ARE pretty.  :)
  • @minskat30 hahaha well thank you, but still compliments don't get you out of trouble... chocolate and wine though...
  • @alpacina yay congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • @AlPacina CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @AlPacina Congraulations! That's so awesome!
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