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Any day but Monday....

Ugh, how is Monday here already?

On the plus side, only 5 more days until my trip!!!

On the downside, it's still Monday. :(

How was your weekend?

I feel like we were constantly going. On Friday I finished work and then spent the next hour trimming bushes and getting all the foliage around the house cut back so the siding contractors have access. Then H and I had a fun little date night at a Mexican restaurant. I've started tracking WW points again and holy moly...agua frescas is WAY expensive in the WW world. I went a lot little overboard Friday night without realizing it. Oops.

Saturday H and I got up early and picked up our produce from the farmer's market and we got delicious homemade biscuits at a little biscuit cafe kind of place.  Then we spent the rest of the day tearing off our old railing on the front porch and repairing all the wood rot we found because whoever did it before seriously sucked at their job.

Sunday H continued the job of repairing the wood rot and putting up the new handrailing. It looks SO GOOD and it still fits with the vibe of the house but makes it look more modern at the same time. The old railing used to be 2x4's top and bottom with thick wooden balusters. The new railing that we built has a wide top rail and a narrow bottom rail with black aluminum balusters. I really love the look!!!

While H sweated his butt off outside I worked on cleaning the house and making pot roast for dinner. We had my mom and @southernpeach89 and Callie over for dinner. I got to watch her walk EVERYWHERE! That child LOVES walking! She gets so excited and happy when she's doing it. You can tell she's been wanting to walk for awhile and she's so proud of herself that she finally can.

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Re: Any day but Monday....

  • @labro You guys did so much this weekend. Thanks for having us over yesterday. I was really happy you got to see Callie walk all over the place.

    Friday DH had to work so instead of going to Happy Hour which got cancelled, I got some cleaning done and some prep work for Callie's party. I made her this 1st year slide show that makes me have all the feels. I'll probably show it at her party but it's just so amazing to me how much babies change in their first year. It's incredible. They go from blobs that pee/poop, cry, sleep, and eat to amazing little people who absorb everything around them and explore. I don't know if I'm ready to have a toddler. I'm going to miss this stage so much.

    Saturday morning we went and took our family photos at this cute little white house nearby. Callie did great and afterwards we went and had brunch. By this time she was ready for a serious nap so we skipped the bday party that we were invited to and went home and relaxed the rest of the day.

    Sunday DH was working so I spent the day running errands with my mom and Callie. Then we went to @labro 's house for dinner. It was noms! Callie was so exhausted yesterday and so was I. We all seriously needed a huge night of sleep last night.

    I feel much better today, I needed all the sleep. I just finished cleaning our garage and I found a lizard that died in our bug trap....ick. I have no idea how long it had been there. I'm also planning to clean off our patios and work more of birthday stuff. We cancelled our cable since we usually watch most of our shows through apple tv so I won't get to watch Bachelor in Paradise anymore unless I find it through the ABC app on our apple TV.
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  • @PamBeesly524 Wow sounds like a fantastic staycation! Those are always nice! I think I feel more relaxed after staycations vs. going somewhere and then coming home and having to jump back into life lol.
  • @southernpeach89 You should get a digital antenna like we have! We pick up ABC and a ton of other channels no problem!

    @PamBeesly524 Oh man, your stay cation sounds so wonderful and relaxing!! I'm especially jealous that you got to go to the Billy Joel concert! I bet it was incredible!

  • @PamBeesly524 That sounds really fantastic! I'm one of those who likes to sing along and get really involved at concerts...but free food and drinks and your own private box sounds even better!!! I'd totally take that over having to fight crowds!

  • @labro I just told DH about the digital antenna and he was already looking into it lol. So maybe we will have one soon so I can get my bachelor in paradise fix!
  • @cu97tiger That was so sweet of the bride and groom to recognize your birthday! I'm glad you had such a great day and WOW I love that dress on you!!! You are so pretty!

    I definitely plan to fully AW the new front porch railing and our new siding once it's all done in a week and a half or so!

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  • @cu97tiger What a sweet gift for the bride and groom! That cookie looks delish!
  • @cu97tiger Your family is so lucky! It really was beautiful - we even got to make it out to Block Island for a day. That wedding sounds like a blast - how sweet of the couple to order you a cookie! Happy belated!
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    @cu97tiger you look amazing, and that was really sweet of them to have a cookie made for your birthday!
    @PamBeesly524 your staycation sounds fabulous! And Billy Joel! 
    @southernpeach89 can't wait to see the pictures!
    @labro New railing AW?

    This weekend was spent cleaning, relaxing, and crafting.  I didn't like one of the banners I made for the shower (I'll probably still use it, just not as a focal point).  So I spent half of Saturday making a new one.  I'm so excited to put everything together this weekend!  Saturday night we went over to a friend's house for movie night.  They have a projector screen so we set up chairs around a fire pit and watched The Goonies outside.  

    Sunday I went food shopping and then made two trays of ziti, and a tray of eggplant parm. The eggplant parm and one tray of ziti was for our friends that just had the baby.  After my bf got off of work we went over to the friends' to bring them the food and get some baby snuggles.  

    Tonight is leftovers for dinner and I have cheer.  Then I need to finish laundry (because I did like 10 loads all weekend but didn't put anything away). 
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  • @speakeasy14 yummmm baked ziti and eggplant parm sound so good! 
  • @speakeasy14 Ughhh...I hate putting away laundry. I've gotten better about folding it as I take it out of the dryer but then I just leave the stacks down there and it sometimes takes me an extra day to get them all where they are supposed to go!

    I'm going to AW it all when it's done! I'm so excited for work to start tomorrow on the siding!

  • @500days We've been watching Marco Polo on Netflix but I've seen lots of great things about Stranger Things! Maybe I'll have to add it to our queue. How is your summer over already? :(

  • @labro hahaha when I'm ambitious I'll fold it/hang it, and put it away, straight from the dryer.  Usually, I get as far as bringing the hamper to my room.  I really need to just suck it up and do it right away, then I wouldn't have to iron all my clothes every morning. 
    @500days I hope you enjoy your last few days of summer! As for Netflix recs... I've been binge watching Gilmore Girls and Friends so I'm useless haha
  • Frustrating weekend entirely.

    Friday I got home early and took a nap, knowing we were going to a BBQ and usually end up staying late. H gets home, feeds cats and fire alarm goes off. He says he isn't surprised because they are doing the roof and you can smell tar through building. {i didn't smell it} We debate on going out, but hear people leaving so we head out to the back. Not many people and someone asks the guys on the roof if they smell smoke. Nope. Head in and run into neighbours heading out, so we go to the front also.

    Apparently on our floor - but other wing - the alarms were going off in the apartments also. Idk entirely what happened but all is fine now.

    We headed out and ended up staying really late. My friend and I ended up going for a walk a few times because the guys were playing "Sparta"

    Saturday we went to a BBQ and H's Stepdad's family's place. We're in the backyard and hear this *CRUNCH*
    Some dude across the way backed into our car! Driver's side tail light broke and panel cracked. We were picking pieces of the other car's tail light out of the crack in our car. H took it in today.
    Just because I'm already having a bad weekend, I sliced my finger with a knife also.

    Then Sunday I tried to do some retail therapy because one store - which is pricier than I usually go - had a Buy One, Get One 50% off, so I planned on getting 2 pairs of pants. Nothing was bought.
    Oh well ... Friday I'm going with my mum to another mall to see their huge wing opened up so I'll see if anything there.

    *phew* that's a novel.
  • @labro I will check it out! I've found that once I watch the first episode of a show, and it isn't horrible, I end up riding it out and watching the entire season/series lol
  • @labro whew! Busy weekend! At least productive

    @PamBeesly524  how was Billy Joel? I've heard he's great live

    @southernpeach89  1 year almost already! Crazy how quick time flies :)

    @cu97tiger  how sweet of the bride and groom :) Glad you had a great bday!

    @500days  Matt watched it. I saw last episode and found season ended really abruptly, but apparently it's really good!
  • @500days I watched Stranger Things! SOOO soo good. It was great to watching something way different for a change. 
  • Got assigned another class this weekend. Semester starts this evening. Teaching two classes. I will be back when life is slightly more controlled.
  • @KeptInStitches Good luck with your classes!

  • @MissKittyDanger did the person who hit your car leave their insurance information? I hope so, and that you guys don't have to pay for the damage out of pocket. 
  • @speakeasy14  Yeh, the guy was really good. As soon as we heard the crunch, Matt was nearby so he and his mum went to the street and the guy was pulling back towards his driveway and all was fine.
    He said it was because it's a new vehicle and he's not familiar with size {minivan} but the biggest issue is really the fact it's obvious he wasn't looking nor was he going as slow as he should have been.

    We're just waiting on the insurance and collision center to talk and get it organized before we can get fixed. They said assuming it all goes smoothly, it'll be all fixed before end of the week.
  • @speakeasy14 - Watching The Goonies by a fire sounds like my ideal way to spend a summer evening. Jealous!


    I bought these things this weekend:

    The rest of the time I just cross stitched. This morning I haven't accomplished much other than putting out feelers for whether anyone would attend a get together at my house this weekend, and finally being able to tell my friends at the company about my promotion.

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    @AlPacina - in the first picture, the bag or the cover-up? -- Both those dresses are gorgeous! Look at you becoming the girly girl :-P
  • @AlPacina Love all that!!!

    Guys, H just got a pretty awesome comment from a VP at the office. Things are looking good for his future there is all I have to say. I'm so glad he's getting recognition and they seem to have a development plan in mind for him!

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  • @AlPacina - in the first picture, the bag or the cover-up? -- Both those dresses are gorgeous! Look at you becoming the girly girl :-P

    @speakeasy14 - It's actually a swimsuit. The cover-up part is attached, which I love, because it covers up all the tummy stuff! I've always loved lace sleeves more than anything, so the black dress was a no-brainer. The peplum dress is for my new job (I'm telling myself, anyway)!!

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