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Any day but Monday....


Re: Any day but Monday....

  • @labro that's awesome! 
  • @labro - I second what @speakeasy14 said! WTG Mr. Labro!

  • @minskat30 I'm glad I'm not alone in the laundry piles all over the house ordeal haha -- Did your new chair for Ani arrive yet?
  • @AlPacina Love all but especially love the grey dress! Where'd you get it?
  • @minskat30 OMG! Even though she's crying, she's still so stinkin cute!
  • @speakeasy14 - Ha!  Thank you!  Little girl gets away with murder because of that face.  She is certainly all or nothing...she loves something, she'll let you know...she hates something, she'll DEFINITELY let you know.  :)
    AlPacinaspeakeasy14labro[Deleted User]
  • @minskat30 Omg the many faces of Ani!! I DEFINITELY hope she loves me and let's me know!! Seriously dying. It's like she can't decide if she's being tortured or not.

    minskat30speakeasy14[Deleted User]
  • @500days - I really enjoyed Stranger Things. I don't know when Season 2 will come out, but I need to watch it! Have you watched the West Wing? It's totally different than ST, but I loved it and have watched the whole series several times.

    @alpacina - I love the crap out of that third dress.

    @labro - Ooh, exciting for your H (and you!)
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