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Hair and makeup.. how many hours ahead of limo pickup for ceremony?

Hi ladies,

Getting married at 5:30pm in vegas next month. The chapel said the limo will pick us up aound 4:30pm.

At what time do you suggest doing hair and makeup?



  • Depending on your makeup artist, I would say schedule for 2. 
  • Depends on how many others are getting H&M.  My wife got started at 9:30a for 4p ceremony because it was her, four BM's and mom/grandma.  Your H&M person should be able to tell you when their ideal time of arrival is.  Also, I recommend doing trial the night before unless you expect things to just be simple, because you may not like what they think you like and want to change it for wedding day.

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  • Smart answer, @vegasgroom! I didn't think about the bridal party in the time equation.
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