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Worst things you've seen on facebook


Re: Worst things you've seen on facebook

  • I'm pretty sure I'm about to watch a divorce unfold on Facebook. For weeks this girl I'm friends with has been posting statuses about the people she loves hurting her and blah blah blah but never says who she's talking about. This morning she posted a status tagging her husband saying he isn't at work like he said he was and she can't find him, and if anyone knows where he is to please let her know because he won't respond to her texts and phone calls. Then she posts later again saying she doesn't understand why the person she gave her heart to wants to hurt her. Annnnnd 10 minutes ago she posts saying her husband has been found but he has asked that she not "air out their issues on Facebook" so she has deleted the other posts. Now I'm kind of disappointed. 
    I had something eerily similar come across my feed recently.  It started with a late night post asking if anyone has seen him and that she was worried because he's usually good about letting her know if he's not going to be home.  Then a few days later she made some vague comments about how much it sucks when someone in your life belittles you and tries to make you believe it's your fault. Someone else replied saying that she should cut that person out of her life, and she said "not without a separation or divorce."  Oh snap!  Then she and the husband went on to have a very public fight in the comments about exactly what transpired.  

    I hope they do get a divorce.  He's an ass and she deserves better.  But there has to be an better venue for their angry fight than public facebook posts.
  • someone I went to high school with who has teenagers was writing awful stuff back and forth to his wife on his wall while going through their divorce and even after when she wasn't even a friend of his anymore.  It got REAL uncomfortable to read. 
    Finally someone commented "You KNOW your children can see this, right?"

    yeah guys, take this to the phone or in person.  Facebook is for some ecards and some ecards ONLY. 

  • I have a FB friend who loves to vaguebook, but also calls out people directly.  He is just so fun to watch!

    He called out his own MIL because of how she treats her son, who has a mental illness, but says its fake because she can't recognize her own mental illness. That one got a little tense because a cousin came on to defend the MIL and friend kept saying how the whole family coddles and enables MIL because its easier than trying to show her she needs help.

    The other one was totally crazy.  He vaguebooked how someone was faking cancer, had a GFM and was using that money for vacations, etc.  Never named a name.  First commenter asks who this person is and friend responds to just wait around they will probably reveal themselves. First commenter says he's got time, he's just started smoking his cigarette.  Then the daughter of person who faked cancer comes on and its just blows up.  First commenter comes back and says, "Damn, I'm not even half done yet."  Sadly, the daughter just dug a larger hole for her mom.  Screenshots of the conversation were supposedly taken and sent to authorities investigating the fraud.  Haven't heard anymore about that yet, although I probably will at some point.

    He also loves to announce when he has offended someone who then defriends him.

  • I have a friend whose mother and daughter just love posting their family drama on FB. Mom is super passive aggressive and likes to call my friend out for things like putting leftovers in the fridge and not eating them or not mowing the yard as often as it needs to be done. Last week the mom posted pictures of two of her grandchildren and said how proud she was of them and tacked on "and other granddaughter...well, she's 21 now." Granddaughter took offense (and I can't blame her) and started posting about how her grandmother thinks she's a piece of shit. The boyfriend jumps in defending her, the rest of the family somehow jumps on him. Next day, granddaughter is posting how her family ruined her relationship with him and he's moving to Texas. 

    I was unfriended because I called a girl out on her gofundme claiming she was trying to get money to move back to OK because after she moved herself and kids to CO she found out the guy she moved to be with was a convicted rapist. They got into a fight and she threw a beer bottle at the back of his head and got arrested. She said she couldn't leave CO because she was out on bail, but then post a GFM saying that's what she needed money for. I just queried about her statement that she couldn't leave and she unfriended me. Her GFM was actually to collect bail money.
  • I have a few!

    =The worst post I've seen lately is H's cousin posting that he is pro-Trump. H comments and asks why, because he is genuinely curious. H's cousin responds with a wall of text and then proceeds to call my husband a "n****r and spic loving punk bitch". We were blown away and H deleted and blocked him. I'm the spic he was referring to, methinks. At least we now know why he's so pro-Trump.

    =Another family member of his hates Hillary and Jill but loves Bernie and is okay with Trump. Considering his own views align the most with Jill (second most with Bernie), I'm going to assume it's the whole "woman" thing that Hillary and Jill have going on ;)

    -I'll share a weird person in my family too, I won't just drag my in-laws.  I have a deeply religious uncle who only posts anti-Muslim or super pro-Christian posts.... Yet, he is chatting with women like half his age and has been tagged in porn videos on FB (that I assume are later taken doing for violation of ToS). What a virtuous man! I unfollowed him.

    People probably complain about my posts a LOT. I like a lot of pro-vegan pages and I think people can see what I like. If I post the rare vegan article, recipe, or picture, it's guaranteed someone will make a comment like, "mmm, pigs taste so good!" to try and upset me, so of course I have to respond. I got into it with an acquaintance as well as one of in-laws (surprise, surprise!) because they felt the need to try and attack me and say I'm unhealthy and am clueless on nutrition... Meanwhile, I don't give two fucks what other people eat, so why should people care about I eat? Oh well, what are you going to do. 

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