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  • While I dislike the 'junior' thing, that doesn't bother me half as much as the fact that you are also treating them differently by sticking them somewhere separate from the 'real' bridesmaids.
    Exactly this. It wasn't until I was on these boards that I discovered that "junior" bridesmaid was no longer used. I had one 33 years ago - it was common then. I understand why it has changed. However, using children as props is never OK. They should people you are close to and want them to be involved in the wedding. You are honoring them.
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    Yeah, calling them "junior" simply to point out that they're not adults is not really offensive (but it's also not really necessary because... eyes), but to treat some bridesmaids differently than others is rude as hell.

    You (general you as OP has clearly stormed off) don't need to get ready with ANY of your BMs, but it's rude to invite some and not others. Just as it's rude to take photos with some and not others. There are certain situations where it's appropriate to treat children differently than adults but attending a wedding isn't one of those situations.

    It's fantastic that these girls are totally thrilled about wearing matching dresses and carrying flowers, and I doubt the 3yo has a firm grasp on the significance of being a bridesmaid anyway, and I wouldn't want kids standing near a cliff either (I wouldn't want anyone standing near a cliff tbh). It's great that your relatives are happy you "included" them. But they are in fact being EXCLUDED and most kids do not enjoy that.

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