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I need help choosing linens

Hi everyone! So, I'm 2 months out from the wedding and just found out I can't use the chivari chairs that I wanted because the country club that our wedding is at has nowhere to put their banquet chairs if we bring in our own. So, I'm having to cover them. This is kind of messing with the colors I had originally picked out and now I'm in need of some help, please! I'll attach the pictures below but this is what I'm thinking: 
The ivory chair covers with the pink tail, burgundy tablecloths for guest tables with pink napkins and the sequins cloths for the head and cake table with burgundy napkins on those and gold chargers for all.... Is this too much though? To pink? Too many colors?

Or The ivory chair covers with a champagne (or pink still) tail, the gold arabesque overlays, burgundy napkins, sequins for the head and cake table, and gold chargers for all. I'm not sure how the gold would look with the tail on the chairs? Also, the sequin you're seeing in the picture is a little different than what I'd rather use which would be a matte champagne sequin.

Thank you so much for any help or advice you can give! I also included a picture of where the reception will be! 

(The photo with the tall flowers and goblets are what part of our centerpieces will be so there will be gold accessories on the table.)

Re: I need help choosing linens

  • These are the champagne colored tails and also a picture of where the reception is. 
  • If I were you I would:
    1. Breathe
    2. Have a margarita.
    3.Lose all "tails"
    4. Marg 2 + realize that your wedding will be beautiful even if you stick with plain banquet chairs... you are not going to print and hang a photo of even the loveliest chair ever in your living room.

  • Are the chairs in the venue picture the same your venue wants to use? If so, save your money, chair covers are unnecessary. 
  • OurWildKingdomOurWildKingdom in the 216
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    I'm not a fan of the tails, but if you must use them, I'd go with champagne rather than pink. The chair covers look fine on their own, and really, the chairs look fine without covers.

    Your venue is gorgeous. No need to gild the lily.
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    FWIW, we had plain banquet chairs at our reception, and when we looked at the venue the first time, I remember thinking they were pretty ugly and not at all in line with our color scheme and immediately flying into a blind panic about how to deal with that....

    We got married a few months ago, without chair covers, and I am seriously struggling to remember what I hated about the chairs and why.

    I know this seems like a big thing now, but I can guarantee you that it is not.  At no wedding I've attended, my own included, have I ever paid more attention to a chair than exactly necessary to seat myself without embarrassment. 

    All that being said, if you really do decide that chair covers with tails are necessary, I like the pink better.  I also like the gold tablecloth in the first image you attached best (if that's an option?).

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  • Ironring said:
    Those chairs look great uncovered. And I think chair covers are uncomfortable to sit on. Take the money you'd save and have a bit of extra fun on your honeymoon or upgrade the food. 
    I agree, I hate when I get to an event and they've got chair covers. It's uncomfortable and they always slip around for me for some reason. Those chairs look nice enough as it is and I can't imagine anyone thinking otherwise or "these would look better with some ruffles". I'd save the money and time.
  • Thank you all! I really don't know why I'm worrying so much, probably because I was expecting to use chivari chairs so I was kind of thrown off by this. I'm getting the covers for next to nothing because the venue can't accommodate chivari's and they are getting them for us. We already have the most upgraded package for food and beverages they offer or that would be a good idea lol. Maybe I will just stick with the ivory covers without the tail and use the gold overlay in my first photo for the guest tables and matte sequins for the head and cake tables. That was my original plan (except with mahogany chivari's) 
  • I agree with all PPs about chair covers being uncomfortable, but if you do have them definitely lose the tails. I'm not a fan of the sequins but that is just personal preference. I tend to go with more simple elements.
  • The venue's chairs look a lot more comfortable than the chivari chairs and I also wouldn't put anything on them for comfort's sake. I realize the covers aren't really costing you anything, but I'd skip them all the same.
  • I agree that I would skip the covers even if they were free.  The chairs at the venue look just fine, and they will be more comfortable without the covers.  I also personally think the covers look excessively "fussy" and don't really mesh well with the clean lines of your venue.

    Could you get your venue to knock a couple hundred dollars off the price instead?
  • kimmiinthemittenkimmiinthemitten Detroit, MI
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    I vote venue chairs, gold overlay, gold plate, burgundy napkin. Not sure if that was one of the options, I admittedly got confused and voted based on the photos. 
  • We did not opt for the chair covers for daughter's wedding.  When we arrived at the reception, surprise!  They were there.  No charge.  I have no idea what happened, but we kept quiet about it.
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