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Has anybody used Make Up In The 702 ?

Hello everyone. I get married in May at Aria. I have booked and paid in full for Make Up In The 702 to do my hair and make up aswell as 5 members of the wedding party. I have read lots of really good reviews and the customer service from them so far has been great. I have not booked a trial before the wedding due to both timing and the cost (they are certainly not cheap!!!). I am not a fussy person so would like to think I will happy with whatever they do (I am taking pictures to show them what I am looking for). I am just getting a bit panicky now incase I don't like it on the day :neutral: I have been assigned Aimee and Cassie. Have any of you lovely brides used Make Up In The 702 that can put my mind at rest?   xx

Re: Has anybody used Make Up In The 702 ?

  • I have not used 702, but I'm booked with Beauty by Bri. Originally, I wasn't going to do a trial because I wouldn't be in Vegas with enough time to do one, but actually did a trial with Bri last month.

     Honestly, as long as you have lots of photos / Pinterest examples / etc of exactly what you want, you should have no problem. Bri and I had decided on some pin examples, and other than a couple small changes (while we were actually doing the mkaeu) that was very easy to do, it was on-point.

    As long as you're prepared, I don't think you should be stressed!

    And, words of advice that Bri is always emailing with: exfoliate, hydrate, moisturize. If you can, do a mask the day before so your skin is ready. Your makeup will only look as good as your skin. :)
  • Thank you. That is really helpful. I have some photos of what I want my make up to look like. I will keep collecting more too. And the mask the day before is a really good idea. Thank you  <3
  • All I can say is, pin pin pin! Figure out exactly what you like, what you don't like, and what you have to have.

    I started with this for my hair:

    Which we narrowed down to something like this (I had asked for more of a bouffant and we started pulling pieces back as she styled it):;

    Which ultimately became this gorgeous look:

    My makeup started with this board:

    Which we narrowed down to this:

    Which became this at the trial (the Rio has terrible lighting. Don't stay here.):

  • Oh yes I love your hair and make up in these pictures. Beautiful !!! I think I will skip the trial and just hope that having plenty of photographs to show them will give them a good idea of what I want to look like on the day  x 
  • I used them. I was wary too and I felt a little unloved on the run up to it. They sent quote generic mails in the runup to it. But all super helpful info. On the day they were amazing. I love my makeup. My bridesmaid showed her a photo and it looked exactly like it. My hair had to be chnaged as it was one of the windiest days in vegas and I was still delighted with the chance
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  • Hi Dublin25. Oh I LOVE your hair and make up. Really beautiful ! I know what you mean about the generic emails! I have seen lots of photographs of bridal make up they have done that I really like. I am happy I have chosen them and your review has re-assured me Dublin25 thank you! I am from Liverpool UK and It is difficult planning things without actually being there in Vegas to check things out. I am just hoping that I am happy with my hair and make up on the day. I have lots of photographs to show them what I want. I am sort of thinking I should have a trial the day before but don't think I can fit it in with all that we have planned before the wedding  :s
  • @dublin25, is that photo from Sergio Dante or what his name is? It seems so familiar! Your makeup looked great.

    Honestly, Knottie, you'll be good as long as you can narrow things down and provide one or two photos of exactly what you want. They should be able to adjust as they go (excluding major changes like dark eye to light eye etc) to give you what you're looking for!
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    I used Makeup in the 702 in 2014, they were amazing girls and I couldn't knock the service but having a trial the day before ended up being the best decision for me for two reasons. 1) They didn't quite get my hair right, so I was able to make tweaks on the big day to get it closer to what I wanted. 2) The make-up was way too over the top for me, it freaked me out! So I was able to get them to tone it done on the wedding day. They nailed it on the wedding day, so I was very pleased to have had the trial!

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