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    We're trying to hire again (almost weekly) and the applicants are not the brightest. This one today asked on the post where he needs to go to apply when it was clearly stated in the post. He's here now and there's no way I'm hiring someone who can't follow simple instructions.
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    mrsconn23 said:
    I got a closing date! Next know, the day before we leave.  BUT YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!  And we don't pay Oct OR Nov. 
    That is awesome!!! btw, I was in your boat too.  Well, I had a little more leeway.... I was living with a friend since my short sale was taking longer than expected, and closed on a house 3 days before leaving for Vegas.  I kinda wanted to be like "can we move it for the day I get back so we can pro-rate the days I have it but can't even live in it?"  But of course, with short sales you don't mess around with that.

    Today has been productive for me, I have made it look like I am working by going on some conference calls,  did some schoolwork, online shopped and did some wedding planning.  It's still been the longest day known to man.

    I have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory tonight. yay!

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