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Well now I feel horrible

An old friend of my husband's wedding was this weekend. My husband was to be the officiant. She was doing all sorts of cutesy little things that I was prone to snark at: mason jar favors, dog as ring bearer, adorable hashtag. Our invitation was addressed to Husband and Guest (we've been married several years and together for almost a decade. She's known me the whole time.).  So yeah, some snark and some eye rolling. 

But that's not what I feel bad about. The morning of the wedding, her fiancé called it off. They've been together for years. Engaged for almost 2 years. And I know, it's much better that he call it off before they get married, but I'm still heartbroken for her. This sucks. 

Re: Well now I feel horrible

  • That is unfortunate, but as we know, for the best in the end.

    Still sad to do it the morning of. Even the day before would be better. But I guess people hype them self up and push through until they just can't anymore.
  • Dang, I feel bad for her too. I can't imagine waking up the day of and finding out. 
  • How awful. You'd think if someone had that much doubt they'd deal with it earlier. 
  • That does suck.  A friend of mine just divorced her husband after years of dating (many of which she knew he wasn't the right guy) and four months of marriage, and it's costing her a ton.  She admitted to a few of us in the weeks leading up to the wedding that she was making a mistake, and we agreed and offered support, but she went through with it anyway.  And she keeps saying she shouldn't have.  So it's probably best that the FI called it off in the long run, but it must really sting now.  
  • Calling it off was far cheaper than a divorce - just sucks on so many levels!!  Hopefully she made the best of what she could!
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    All the excitement she must've had the night before =\ that's really sad. But at least he called it off before things got legally complicated
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  • Oh man!  I feel really bad for your friend.  I just couldn't imagine.  It's bad enough when that happens a couple weeks before the wedding but the DAY OF!!  Geez.  I hope this eventually turns out to be a blessing for her and she marries someone who really is her soul mate.
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  • Eeeeeesh.  That is truly awful.  Did the jilted bride have any misgivings herself, or was the whole thing completely out of nowhere for her?
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