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Godfather/goddaughter dance

I am having trouble thinking of a song to dance with my godfather.  Both of my parents' past away years ago and so have my brothers'.  My godfather has been part of my life and he is walking me down the isle.

He is older, about 80.  So I want to be considerate of not doing something that is too fast.  Also not too long.  I want something to be upbeat and happy.  I don't want to have a song that's going to get me crying during the dance.  I'm sure I'm going to cry enough at the ceremony.  Of course of happiness.


Re: Godfather/goddaughter dance

  • I'd start by asking him if there's anything he would like to dance too. 

    Also, your DJ should be able to do a shortened version if the full version is too long so don't let the length keep you from using something you like. 
  • What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong is lovely and sweet and easy to dance too.  For his age, he may have a favorite artist that you could choose ... From the 50s/60s some ideas are May You Always by The McGuire Sisters, The Wonder of You by Elvis Presley, Young at Heart by Frank Sinatra, or My Special Angel by The Vogues, or Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler.  And, @charlotte989875 is correct that any DJ can make any song shorter (verse, chorus fade out for example).  :-)

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