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I'm getting married at City Hall on a weekday. We are allowed 8 guests. Because the number is so tight and the ceremony is so low-key, we are having our closest friends but not their spouses. Everyone is supportive and understanding. We were hoping it would work out so that we can get married, and then shortly afterwards go to dinner with everyone (including spouses and kids), but it turns out that we have to report to City Hall at 2:30, which leaves a giant gap between the ceremony and dinner time. All of our guests will be coming into the city from various suburbs, most of them approx. 45-60 minutes away, so it also doesn't make sense to me to disperse and meet back up for dinner later. Any ideas for alternatives on what to do as a thank you for our wonderful friends and family for sharing our day, and for some, taking a day off work? Or maybe some kind of activity to fill the gap between the wedding and a dinner? Would it be appropriate to do a wedding, an escape the room, then dinner? Haha. The youngest kid who will be coming is 3 years old.
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