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More Trump misogyny and creepiness, regarding his pageants


Re: More Trump misogyny and creepiness, regarding his pageants

  • The horrible thing is, Pence is worse.  Trump is an offensive clown with a huge ego and a seeming inability to be diplomatic.  Pence is a politician with some terrifying views and the ability to work the system to make them happen.
    Pence is also into 'conversion therapy' :(
    He also thinks gay people are dirtier than straight people, literally.

    I would be hoping for an early impeachment for Trump, but then we'd have Pence for president. From what I know about Pences' positions on women's reproductive rights and GLTB rights, Pence is scarier than the imbecile. 

    Not only are his beliefs scarier, he has the governmental know how to pass crazy bills, as evidenced by Indiana.
    Can we find a way to get rid of both?
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    justsie said:
    My friend posted on facebook a quote that Trump picked Pence as assassination insurance. 

    I'm dating myself here, but that is what people said about George Bush Sr.'s VP,  Dan Quayle.  Though that was more for not being the "sharpest tool in the shed", shall we say.
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