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NWR Medical advice?

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I had eyelid surgery nine days ago, and the stitches are driving me crazy.  No infection, or other issues.  Swelling is gone.  My surgeon didn't remember to give us instructions about the stitches.
This procedure was done at the same time another doctor was doing a biopsy on my other eyelid.  There was more concern about that.  The eyelid surgery on the left eye was mostly cosmetic to repair damage done by cancer and surgery two years ago.  The tumor in the right eyelid is malignant, too.  (I had to listen to them all talking about football for an hour during the surgery.  Grump!)
OK, so I telephone the office this afternoon and ask if I can remove the irritating stitches.  The sweet young thing said someone would call me back with the information.  Nope.  Now I have to go through the whole weekend with these itchy stitches in my eyelid.
Some of you are nurses and doctors.  What would you do?  I am very grouchy this week.
I now have three hospitals and eight doctors involved in this, and I think I am getting lost in the shuffle.

Re: NWR Medical advice?

  • I don't have any specific insight, but could you just walk in to a general practice/urgent care and ask them instead of waiting to hear back from the office on Monday?  I'm no expert, but I bet they would at least have some recommendations that could make things more comfortable for you.
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    Is there a walk in type clinic where you are??  I'm not sure how it works in other areas, but we have mede-centres which are walk in clinics that deal with non emergency issues.  We also have a province wide Health Link phone number, where you can talk to a nurse and get advice about what to do and where to go.  I'm assuming you don't have anything like that, otherwise you wouldn't be posting here.  ;)  Good luck getting this dealt with 

    ETA - After my cancer surgery, I had to wait 2 weeks to get the stitches out, so depending on the size/depth of the incision, you may have to wait anyway 

  • Thank you, ladies.  I'm upset and depressed tonight.  I don't like not being in control of my life.  Sometimes I just get tired of putting on a good face and being a co=operative patient.
    At pre-surgery, the young nurses on the evening shift informed me that they couldn't use my port and would have to go for a vein.  I knew that wouldn't work, and I got quite forceful.  I stopped smiling and said ,"No port access, no surgery!  And it will be YOUR FAULT!"  Half an hour later they found someone who knew how to do it.  They all stood around my gurney and watched while the supervisor showed them how to access a port.  No, I wasn't very nice.
    Post surgery, the doctor forgot to sign the prescription for pain medication, so I went without all night at the hotel.
    I am so frustrated.  Thanks for listening.  I'll see about tomorrow.
  • I completely understand the feelings you are having about not having control of things. It's caused me a great deal of grief in so many forms. 

    I used to get so pissy when they couldn't use my port for various scans. I've since had it removed since I got blood clots from it, so now I have trouble any time I need to have blood drawn or need an IV. I was in the ER in April and they had to stick me SIX times before they got an IV inserted. When I had surgery, I demanded a PICC. So, you're not alone. 

    Anyway, when I had my hysterectomy, I had an allergic reaction to the glue they used. I called the office on a weekend and spoke with their on-call doctor. Is that an option? Even when I had my last chunk of basal cell removed, the dermatologist left me her cell number if I had any off hours issues.


  • I'd raise some hell and not feel bad about it! SOMEONE should get back to you, and not having a prescription is not acceptable.
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