We need to fill our cancellation date for a wedding venue?

My fiance and I booked a wedding venue in January for next June, and decided two weeks ago that we ultimately couldn't afford it, so we canceled. The problem is, the venue is trying to keep the $4,000 we already paid them. They offered to give us half of our money back, but told us that if we could ensure they would have a wedding on that date to fill our spot, they would give us the full amount back. In an attempt to keep things civil and not seek legal action, we decided to take them up on the offer. Now we need to find someone to get married on that specific date, at that venue, and I was wondering if anyone needs a venue, or knows someone who needs a venue, or knows someone who knows someone who needs a venue (you get the idea).

If you happen to want to book a wedding venue last minute in Sedona, Arizona, in June (specifically June 17, 2017) I'd be forever grateful. Also, I know that $4,000 isn't a lot of money to some people, but my fiance is a Marine and I'm a student so it's quite a bit of money for us. The venue is really beautiful (duh, it's in Sedona), we just simply cannot afford it anymore. 

Please help :(

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