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I just...need to vent


Re: I just...need to vent

  • ahoywedding said:

    ALSO. They. Didn't. Even. Vote.
    K my theory is that they are having an extreme reaction spurred on by guilt. They think that by abstaining they contributed to Trump's win, which horrifies them. So they're making a big show of how anti-Trump they are to soothe their self-hatred.
    That was my thought exactly once we figured that out. They feel bad for not "doing more," (whatever that looks like to each person) and now they feel super guilty about it and this is an EXTREME over-reaction. My goodness.
  • FireStar said:
    So, my words won't stand for much because I don't really know what I'm talking about, and mostly I'm just rambling, but hey-ho, I'm bored.

    FI has been red all his life. When the election ramped up for the final couple weeks, we discussed it quite a bit. (I have no political understanding, no political favourite, and I'm not in the US, so the outcome of the election has minimal effect on me personally).
    I was shocked when he said he'd be voting for Trump.
    I made it very clear that I was genuinely interested and curious, especially given all I'd been hearing about him, as to why he felt Trump was the better deal.
    He put forth a lot of good points about things Trump was saying. He also pointed out that whilst everyone claims Trump seems hellbent on war, just what was it with Clinton and the emails, and what was getting sent to where? Who? Why?

    Anyway. Long and short of it is; he ended up voting third party, because after being red for life, he just couldn't outweigh the bad with the good, so there's that.

    Another point: this board reflects people (admittedly mostly women) from all over the country (world), from all walks of life.
    I don't think I've seen one Trump supporter.
    What's up with that?

    Ultimately, as Lyndausvi said; people focus on what matters to them at that time.
    Trump as a whole might be a dingbat, but maybe one or two of his points were the crucial nail for your circumstance.
    I wouldn't defriend someone for voting for Trump.
    I'd defriend them if they started spouting racist/homophobic/etc remarks.

    These people you talk of, OP, you know them better than us. Are they on a post-election freak-out that they can return from, or was this the first stop on the crazy train?
    I'd cool off for a bit and see what happens. if they still have the same ideas, explain you'd rather attempt to understand people's reasoning even if you don't agree with it, than just cut them out of your life simply because someone else (weird couple) said you "had to".
    To the bolded...I think they're quickly boarding the crazy train. A few of us who have been "shunned" got together over the weekend and started putting together pieces from things they had told us all individually. It seems they've been talking crap about basically everyone and think they're better than all of us. 

    ALSO. They. Didn't. Even. Vote.
    So now they're realizing that they're part of the problem but they don't know how to be constructive about it.   Instead they're continuing with their pattern of existing behavior that everyone else needs to make the world better FOR them vs. being active participants in it.

    It's time to start adulting. 
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