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Potato Bar

Our wedding is February 4th, 2017 which is extremely close. I am wondering if anyone has done a potato bar and how it turned out? It's a day time wedding, and we couldn't figure out any other casual option for lunch. 

Re: Potato Bar

  • Will there be anything other than potatoes?
  • Potatoes are awesome! I have eaten from a potato bar at a charity function and it was awesome! There were various toppings such as gravy and mushrooms (there was more but I can't remember- I put the above on mine).

    I do agree that a potato bar is a side- you're going to need a few other options to make a meal. Doesn't need to be difficult; soup, sandwiches, various salads, meatballs, and/or fruit/veggie/cheese/meat trays are all easy and inexpensive options.
  • I'll be the odd one out and say I think a potato bar is a great option for the main dish for a casual lunch. That's actually what we had for our rehearsal dinner. All the different toppings, unless someone really abhors potatoes, they can find something to make it good. Butter, sour cream, chives, cheese, broccoli, bacon bits, chili, salmon, taco meat. In fact, my dad hates potatoes in any form, but even he will eat a loaded baked potato. 
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