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  • Really!? I didn't know that. I figured that it was somewhat healthy because of the hazelnuts but it's also chocolate. Damn ...
    It has 21 grams of sugar, 200 calories, and 11 grams of fat per serving and a serving is only like 2 tablespoons. The calories and fat content are on par with peanut butter but the sugar and carbs are 3 times higher and has less than half the protein. 
    Dammit ...
    Today you learned...Nutella isn't all that healthy for you. Sorry. 
    Wait a minute. Doesn't chocolate cause your brain to release serotonin? Which makes you happy? 

    Which therefore through the power of transitivity means it's good for you?????
    I love that you scienced Nutella into being good for us ;)
    I'm famous for that among my friends. I'm a Comfort Food Enabler. 

    -Cheese, lots of cheese.  Because women especially need their calcium.

    -Avocadoes are chockfull of nutrients.  High in fat?  Oh sure.  But those are the good fats.  So they're okay.  Tortilla chips are just the necessary evil needed to get that healthy guacamole into your mouth.  A vehicle really.  Like a drink of water with vitamins.  So they don't even count.

    -Red meats=no/low carbs.  A slow burning protein for sustained energy.  Steakhouse here I come.

    -While enjoying your steak, don't forget red wine=lower heart disease.

    -And then we have already talked about chocolate releases serotonins.  Which lowers stress.  Which can cause weight loss and a longer life.  I'm sure that's true :).

    Girrrrlllll, Seraphim would have a field day with you!  :D though my fat ass loves it all!
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     I just learned that today is Green Monday.  Because I got 100 e-mails telling me so, but nobody told me what it was.  I had never heard this term.  So I googled it.

    "Green Monday" is a term originally used by Ebay to describe its busiest day in December.  It is the Monday that is two Mondays out from Christmas.  As long as there are 10 days or more between that said Monday and Christmas.  If there are not 10 days between them, Green Monday falls on the third Monday before Christmas.

    That's a complicated way to say, "Another fake retailer day to spam me with supposed special offers."  Just stop.  STOP!  That's enough.  No more random shopping days with "speshul" names.

    Amen, sister!

    Today I learned that FW rivals me in procrastination. She has to make a diorama for her stagecraft final tomorrow. Guess what we're doing tonight?
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    I just learned that "aging in place" is a common term.  Like you're getting up there in age and want to spend the rest of your life in one specific home so you build or renovate it with detailed specs in mind or you have aging parents and put an elevator in your home to accommodate them.
  • This morning I learned that no matter how much sleep I get with a cold, I will still be tired. 10hrs of sleep and I still almost fell asleep on the bus ...
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