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I hope this is the right place to ask this. I checked around and it seemed like it fit best here. I want to know if a day-after-wedding brunch for out of town guests/family/wedding party or whoever it is for (I'm actually not sure), is something you are supposed to do or expected to do. I had never heard of that until I was here on the knot and saw it on the checklist tool. Is it rude or bad etiquette to have out of town guests come to town and not have this brunch? 

Is there an alternative to this? I had not really thought about doing a brunch and I don't know that I have the funds to host a brunch for 20 out of town guests and my wedding party. Should I have budgeted for that and made a mistake here? 

Re: Day After Brunch

  • Phew! Thank goodness. Thanks for the clarification. 
  • I didn't even think about that. I am actually having a Sunday wedding, so that makes total sense. It isn't even practical for me to host one. Thank you!
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    We're doing one, but only because we recently bought a house and all of our OOT family wants to see it. AND because my mom volunteered to make some food (she is a wonderful cook and loves cooking for groups). We're including a small insert in the invites for OOT family & friends letting them know they are welcome to come to an open house between whatever hours the day after, and it will be pretty casual. However, if my mom hadn't suggested it and offered to basically do it all (and she'll be in town the month before the wedding), I probably would have skipped it.

    Long story short: it's nice but not necessary!

    ETA: Seconding or thirding deleting things off that checklist that are unnecessary. That was one of the first things I did!
  • We staying in a hotel that offered a free breakfast.  We spread via word of mouth (and on our website) that we would be down to eat between 9AM and 11AM if anyone wanted to see us before they left.  We were OOT for most people so it worked well for us.

    You don't have to host this event so I would skip it if your budget doesn't allow.

    FWIW, I deleted many items off the knot checklist/budget sheets including videographer, planner/coordinator (venue came with a DOC, no need for more), and Day After Brunch all went straight away.  I think there were a few others too but I can't remember what else we cut.

  • @cowgirl8238 yeah, I've deleted a lot of stuff too, I just wasn't sure about some things. I didn't want to cut something that people would be expecting. I suspect my FMIL will not be pleased to hear I'm cutting this, but she can host it if she wants to make a fuss about it. 
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