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Pageant Results and OH Ladies

K WON!  She was contestant #1.  She placed pretty high in interview and creative evening wear, but she owned talent.  OWNED.  24 is the highest score.  Out of 7 judges, she earned six 24s and one 22.  She had the entire crowd on their feet, judges included, standing ovation, people pumping their fists, all of it.  I felt so bad for every single talent piece after her, b/c she set the bar and it was high as hell.  She is officially a state title holder.  

Which means we're going to the national competition!  It's in Dayton, OH, so if any OH ladies want to come out and cheer us on, it'd be so appreciated.  :)

I went to bed at 3:30 am both Friday and Saturday night.  Sunday was spent sleeping mostly.  I'm still sleepy and sore.

Re: Pageant Results and OH Ladies

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