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Have you been on a Disney Cruise?

My fiance works for Disney so we get great benefits when we visit WDW. We love Disney and enjoy our Disney World vacations. We've never been on a cruise and have booked a Disney Cruise for our honeymoon. 

We are going on the Disney Dream boat for a 5 day Bahamian cruise which includes two stops at their private island (Castaway Cay) and one day in Nassau.

We're trying to decide what stuff we want to do while we are on the islands, so if you have been, please tell us about your experience and stuff you enjoyed doing! 

Re: Have you been on a Disney Cruise?

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    I haven't done a Disney cruise, but I have done similar itineraries on Princess and Holland America.  I have always heard good things about Disney cruises, but they are pricey, and there will be lots of kids.
    The private island is a day at the beach.  The island is simply a big resort that features many activities for passengers, at extra cost.  Here is a thread about it.


    The other cruise lines have similar beach resorts for the exclusive use of their passengers, but without the Disney label.  If you are active people, you may find many things to do.  I'm more of a read a good book in the shade lady.

    Nassau has been home to tourists for more than 100 years.  There will be plenty of excursions available to tour the island.  I am afraid it is not one of my favorite ports.

    Try joining www.cruisecritic.com, and check out what former passengers have to say about the cruise that you are planning to take.  They will have lots of good suggestions.  There is a roll call board to talk to people who will be passengers on your actual cruise.

    Best wishes.

  • I'll be in Nassau next week! I can report back.  We're doing a sting ray or dolphin thing.  I heard Atlantis was the thing to do, but it was really pricey for a 1/2 day pass (which is all we could do). 

  • I'm not sure if you can still do this but my friend a couple years back booked a room at Comfort Suites Paradise Island which included access to the Atlantis Resort. They didn't stay there since they were on cruise but it was cheaper than the excursion cost. 
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    I have a coworker who was married this past year. They did a Disney cruise and absolutely loved it. I've never been on a Disney cruise, but I have cruised 5 times. I can tell you that ziplining is an amazing excursion, and I plan it for every cruise, swimming with dolphins isn't worth the money, and scuba diving is something that I'd never thought I'd do, but I loved it.
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  • Thanks everyone! 
  • CMGragain said:
    I haven't done a Disney cruise, but I have done similar itineraries on Princess and Holland America.  I have always heard good things about Disney cruises, but they are pricey, and there will be lots of kids.

    I haven't been on a Disney cruise since I was 18 with my parents, but I remember in my "I'm 18 I'm an adult now!" stage that they had 18+ pools, 18+ bars and activities, and I believe they had an 18+ beach on Castaway Cay so you can stay away from the kid crowds. We also did the later dinner time because most families with young kids did the early dinner. ;)
    They have stage shows every night which I loved! And a lot of fun excursions and activities. We went on the mexico cruise though so the excursions would be different for you. Be sure to book a dinner one night at Palo, my parents did date night there and said it was phenomenal.
    I considered a Disney cruise for my honeymoon, but it was too expensive. Enjoy your Disney perks!
  • Sorry to do a second reply but something I wish I knew from the first time I went is that guests frequently decorate their doors because they are magnetic. Google Disney cruise doors and you'll see what I mean. Get or make yourself something fun so everyone knows you are celebrating your honeymoon!
  • @RaeMarie7117 thanks so much! That door thing sounds so cute. 
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