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We need to fire a groomsman, advice?


Re: We need to fire a groomsman, advice?

  • CMGragainCMGragain member
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    edited December 2016
    I've been trying to reply but so kept getting logged out on my phone so I gave up last night. 

    Like I said before,I have my reasons. That's just the most recent and the most upsetting to me.

    Im generally pretty direct with him. He's mildly autistic and I have a pretty open sexual relationship with my fiance so I understand why he may not have realized he was being inappropriate, though he should have left when asked and I did speak to him about that. 

    I don't feel that I should have to justify myself to get advice on how to ask someone to leave my wedding party.

    You are asking us to advise you on exactly this.  Now you don't like the answers you are getting.
    He did not accuse you of anything.
    You have listened to second hand information from other people, but you have not confronted him, or given him a chance to respond.
    Your rules of appropriate behavior would be confusing to anyone, much less someone who is autistic.  They certainly confuse most of us.
    You have gossiped about his behavior and your intentions to others before discussing it with him (Coward!)
    You didn't come here for advice.  You came here for validation.  You didn't get it.
  • Take the wedding out of the scenario. End the friendship with him, and his removal as a GM will follow.

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