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Post-wedding photography issues

hoping someone might offer some advice on this. My wedding was in August and dh and I got our photos in early December. I was incredibly patient even though they came at the very last day we were quoted they would be ready. 

At at first glance we were thrilled because they looked gorgeous! We had decided to print and frame some photos to give as gifts to family members for Christmas. We ordered through mpix which turned out to be a mistake. Half of our photos were overpixelated and when they arrived they looked awful. Mpix's customer service was less than great. Their response was that they "don't know the cudtomer's intent" which is why they didn't contact us to let us know the photos were overpixelated. Fine, whatever. As this was about a week and a half before Christmas, I was a little stressed but amiable to finding a solution. 

I contacted our photographer to ask if she might recommend another place to print and explained our situation. She offered to print some photos for us - I expressed gratitude, but told her that because there were quite a few we needed that I wouldn't expect her to do this. She insisted and promised she would overnight them. 

Long story short - we never received them. I was very upset because I gladly would have made my own arrangements, and she knew these were meant as gifts. I have sent her a few messages just to make sure everything is ok, and also mentioned that we are still waiting on a few items per our contract (a few printed photos and a USB with all our photos.) 

i have also since found another place to print photos but am concnerned that the issue is with the photos. If they are not printing without being overpixelated, what do I do? 

Re: Post-wedding photography issues

  • Do you have anything in writing regarding the photos she promised to print? Like an e-mail?

    Have you paid her any money for them yet?

    If you haven't paid any money yet I would cut your loses with these prints and go elsewhere. I would call her or send her a message saying, "Since you have not provided the prints that we agreed on by the day they were expected, I will no longer require this service and will get them printed elsewhere".

    As for your contract and items you are still waiting for- if she is not responding to phone or e-mail, send her a registered letter stating what you expect based on your contract (i.e. By X date you were to deliver a USB with all edited photos and X,Y,Z prints). Give her a new date, and tell her if products not received, you will seek legal action. With a registered letter, it has to be signed for, so you'll know she got it. Other than that, if you don't get your photos, your next step is Small Claims Court. You can also submit a claim with the Better Business Bureau around the same time you send your registered letter and see if that lights a fire.

    Myself, I have used Shutterfly to print pics. These pics were what the photographer gave us, in original file size. Shutterfly will tell you if the picture you are trying to print is not the right format. You say you are waiting for a USB with your photos, yet you have some photos you are already trying to print, which photos are these? How did you get them?
  • @SP29 - we do have a contract stating that we are owed a pre-agreed upon number of printed photos, which was included with our wedding package. We were able to download the photos to print from an online gallery that was also included with the package. 

    While I am frustrated that I didn't receive the photos before Christmas -we did not pay for them (since she offered to print them as a gift) BUT i am upset because I was left scrambling for back-up gifts at the last minute, and she promised they would be overnighted-- a lesson learned I guess. 
  • I wonder if the reasons why your pictures didn't turn out and were too pixalated is because you downloaded from the gallery, versus having the original files. Some programs, when you upload pictures will change the format of the file and make it smaller so it's easier to store. Look fine on the program, or saved to your own computer, but if you try to make a print of it, particularly a large one, the file size is too small.
  • I printed some of my brother's pictures straight from the photographer's online gallery and they came out awful. It is probably the culprit in your case too. 
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    I printed some of my brother's pictures straight from the photographer's online gallery and they came out awful. It is probably the culprit in your case too. 
    @stacey2478 This is a very old thread--almost nine months old at this point. It's considered poor form to comment on threads this old. Usually anything over 2-3 months is considered a "zombie."

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