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Hey Everyone!

Looking for some advice here..... I will be getting married in Las Vegas on 1 September 2017! we had originally planned to get married at the Tropicana then head over to the MGM suite for our reception however we will save a lot of money by having our whole wedding in the suite! We would like to get married on the balcony of our suite and we have around 40 guests attending from Scotland with us.

My question is - has anyone done this before? if so have you hired chairs for the ceremony? We have a relatively low budget for our wedding therefore we would like to do the catering and drinks ourselves and not through the MGM as this is super expensive! has anyone had any experience of this in the MGM? also, are we allowed to bring in an outside photographer? how does room decoration work? 

Thank you for reading my post and ANY  input would be greatly appreciated!!

Shannon & John 

Re: MGM Grand Skyline Terrace Suite

  • Just did this in October. You do not want to bring in chairs -- it'll be too tight, and there's a reasonable amount of seating as is.

    The rule of thumb is: Don't tell the hotel anything.

    Do your catering through Mike at Sauced Food Truck. He's generally about two thirds the price of Masterpiece (a favorite of these boards) and the food is DELICIOUS.

    Bring in your own photographer & officiant and you're good to go!
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    Skyview terraces are nice, I suggest the north rather than south side.  Also, the sun beats intensely during the afternoon/evening and the room's AC can have difficulty keeping things comfortable, especially if people are going in and out of the back door.  FYI it is usually still very hot in Vegas in Sept.  Consider booking the adjacent/connected room as well and keeping it as solace from the heat (in case the skyview is too hot for comfort), I've seen that before and the smaller area stays cool easier. 

    I second the "don't tell the hotel" idea.  Also second that there's really not enough room for extra chairs.

    The view is very nice, one of the best in Vegas.   Again, facing northward is much better because you can look right up the Strip, and direct sun won't be as much of an issue on the north side of the building.

  • I agree on north, if you can swing it. We had south facing, which wasn't as pretty as the north side that we toured, but was still great. We did a sunset wedding, which I think worked well (also mid-October), and temperature really wasn't too much of an issue for us.
  • Hi All,

    thank you for your responses - much appreciated.

    Xoden - can I ask how your pictures turned out with the wedding being at sunset? I'm worried that the lighting may not right for this.

    We're thinking of getting married in the afternoon, taking everyone for pictures then a buffet then back up to the room for a champagne reception and cutting of the cake, first dance etc.

    I am hoping that we can request a North facing balcony however, as it is Labor weekend I don't hold out much hopes for this as it may be too busy.
  • Put a request when you book the room, and hopefully they can honor it. If you don't ask until check in, you won't get it (we got south facing, and it's still a great view.) If it's Labour Day, definitely get the room for two days or you'll be insane with stress -- check-in can be brutal.

    I still am waiting for the last few photos to come in from my photographer. We did all of our portraits the day before at sunrise, which was AMAZING and something I strongly recommend if seeing each other ahead of time isn't an issue. So much less stress. Night photos are always a #@Y^(**^&! to photograph, and will never turn out great, but it's one of those things that we didn't really care about, so we didn't mind.
  • HI

    Did you ladies have the sky view terrace? i have about 50 people and was looking not to have a reception but ceremony in suite so its private. the marquee suite is available. Has anyone use this one?

  • We had the Skyline Terrace suite and used it for both; we held the ceremony on the deck itself.

    I have no feedback of the Marquee at all, other than the fact that I believe (but cannot confirm) that it's the suite at the end of the hallways AFTER the Skylines.

    It wouldn't be my first pick because of the lack of views (I'd lean more towards one of the suites at Mandalay Bay for an event that size, but that's my personal preference.)
  • So how did you all get all your guest and vendors up to the room with out the hotel having problems.  We are looking at outside caterers.  
  • We circulated the hotel room via text message. It's not a guarded elevator, so guests just walked up. The suite itself has a doorbell, so that was easy as can be!

    Our caterer has shut down his food truck and moved to Hawaii, but he brought everything up to the suite in a giant, fancy suitcase. No problems with hotel or security that way. :)
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