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It was incredibly hard to ever get a hold of the owner (Lupe). I would have to contact her multiple times before I ever got a reply from her. The first meeting went well. We discussed what linens and colors I would need and the pricing, which seemed to be a pretty good deal. The issues came after. I tried to make an appointment with her to place a deposit. The first time, I had made an appointment with her at 11 am. I texted her in the morning only to find out she thought my appointment was supposed to be at 10 am and had something else scheduled already at 11 am. This was frustrating but I thought okay it's alright, everyone makes mistakes sometimes. So we rescheduled to January 7 at 12pm. Seeing as she had messed up on my appointment the last time, I confirmed with her 2 days before with the appointment date and time. She replied that the appointment was confirmed. The day of the appointment, we drove all the way to her warehouse only to find that no one was there. We waited another 15 minutes and I tried to call her multiple times and she never picked up. I then called her with a different phone number that she did not know, and she immediately picked up. After I told her who I was and asked her why she was not at the warehouse yet, she told me she forgot!! I was so furious. How could she just forget like that, I had even confirmed with her just 2 days ago. She tried to apologize and say she could make it to the warehouse later in the day but I had already made other plans and appointments for the rest of the day. It was then that I decided to find another vendor instead of using her for my wedding in April. I felt like I could not put my trust in her that she would not just forget about the wedding the day of and never show up like one of the other reviews on here. PLEASE AVOID HER AT ALL COSTS. It is not worth it to go through all the trouble only to have her forget time and time again. There are other vendors out there with similar prices. GO ELSEWHERE!!
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