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    How are there so many goddamned honeyfund threads in a forum with a thread called THINKING OF A HONEYMOON REGISTRY pinned the top of the friggin page? Can we all just agree to respond to subsequent new threads with nothing but a link to the sticky and ignore all the special snowstorms?
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    If KnottieNumbers is all butthurt about her budget, then I don't see how forgoing X% of your wedding gifts is supposed to remedy the situation.
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    I think that honeymoon budget is quite important. For (edit for TOS violation) to Cayman Islands. But the tickets are the cheapest. As for me, it's more important to spend money on activities and not on tickets. It's the best resort we found. Moreover, it has magnificent views. And there are a lot of things to do. What we love the most is that Cayman Islands offer the best scuba diving in the Caribbean. Given the triumvirate of islands boasts a unique dive site for every single day of the year – and this isn’t just marketing speak – it’s easy to believe them.

    @KnotRiley vendor alert

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    I think it kind of depends upon your situation. Most of the people coming to our wedding are close family members and friends. They either understand that we just need money, if anything, and have everything we need or they wouldn't be able to afford anything anyway. 

    However, other people I know it would horribly offend the people coming to their wedding.  Maybe they care maybe they don't. It's your choice.

    I set up a honeyfund (I'm a greedy horrible person omg!) However, I know most people will send/bring cash/checks. They charge a small fee but what do you think is happening when you buy things at a store? Why register at all? Why is it ok to register at Macy's of Crate and Barrel as opposed to on Amazon where it is cheaper? I also said not to feel obligated to bring anything. I meant it. That might seem rude to some...but at least I'm not freaking out on a forum over a question.  
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