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Good arm exercises?

I didn't think I would, but I just ordered my dress and it is strapless yikes. I'm very self conscious of my arms, the rest of the dress is flattering. I need to get my arms toned! Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Re: Good arm exercises?

  • Rows and push ups are great whole- upper body exercises. Rows would target biceps and back, push ups would target chest and triceps. Instead of push ups, you can also do chest press.

    Overhead press or lateral raises for shoulders.
    Of course there are bicep curls and tricep kick backs or overhead tricep press for basics.
  • I love going to barre classes.  They do really great arm toning exercises.  

  • Get linked up with a coach worth their salt to start honing in your training (preferably someone who has had success training bodybuilders for the stage).  I do a lot of work with dumbbells and bands which sculpts surprisingly well.  But, it's commitment and consistency to showing up to train that will produce the results by your wedding day regardless of what "it" is you do.
  • Tricep pushdown and pull downs. One with the bar and one with the rope. There are other workouts that will help too, but no substitute for these in my opinion (I'm a man, fwiw). Don't be afraid of free weights either, for ex. bicep curls. I know women tend to shy away from weights, but it doesn't make you into a bulky monster like a lot of people seem to think. If it did, every man would be strapped up with huge shoulders and arms. Use higher reps for tone. 
  • You can find some ballet arm exercise classes online. You can try YouTube, they're much harder than they look to do! -- Which must mean they're working
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