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Father Daughter Dance

Hello!  I'm in need of some assistance in choosing a father daughter dance song.  My problem is that I tend to like the more cliche songs with meaningful lyrics but my dad loves all Italian music.  I know it would mean a lot to him to have it be a song by Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin, but none of the ones I've found make all that much sense.  I liked "The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank, but my dad has bad knees and I was worried it was a bit too fast paced for him.  Any thoughts?  What did everyone else dance to?

Re: Father Daughter Dance

  • I just let my father pick out the song we danced to.  I felt that it would be more meaningful to him if he had a say.  I would see what he wants to dance to.  FWIW my FMIL also chose the song that she and my DH danced to at the wedding...the only spotlight song I helped to pick out was the one I danced with my DH. 
  • We did something a little different - I danced with my dad while my H danced with his mom. We chose John Lennon's version of Stand By Me. 
  • So I kind of thought about it this way. I had a lot of visions I'd been thinking about for a long time for my wedding - how I wanted to look, the style of the wedding, that I wanted an outdoor ceremony, what song I wanted to walk down the aisle to, etc.

    My dad is very much the "whatever you want" kind of guy but I know he probably had visions of his own for his dance with me. I just let him pick the song. If I had to rank it, it would have been about 1,000th on my list. But it meant a lot to him and that made our dance really special. 

  • My FDD was actually Fly Me to the Moon.  I initially was a little hesitant, thinking the lyrics would be kind of weird, but when I was sharing that dance with my dad, the lyrics were the last thing on my mind.  A lot of people told us afterwards that they thought the song choice was lovely.  (They could have been lying, but the comments were unsolicited.)

    FWIW, I asked for Dad's input, and that was the first song he suggested.  

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  • What about the Tony Bennett version of The Way You Look Tonight? 
  • Frank and Dean both have quite the catalogue of songs. There must be something that is slower paced and speaks to you.

    Frank Sinatra:
    - I Get a Kick Out of You
    - Pennies from Heaven
    - I've Got You Under My Skin
    - You Make Me Feel So Young
    - Fly Me to the Moon
    - I'll Be Seeing You
    - Embraceable You
    - Someone to Watch Over Me
    - It's For My Dad (Nancy Sinatra)

    Dean Martin:
    - Daddy's Little Girl
    - Everybody Loves Somebody
    - That's Amore

    Asking your dad for his opinion is a good idea too.

    We also paired up the Father/Daughter dance with the Mother/Son dance.

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