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2 Hour Reception - is it enough time?


I'm wondering if anyone else had (or will be having) a two hour reception? And if it was enough time?

I booked a restaurant for two hours for our reception and I'm getting worried we will feel too rushed. If anyone has any insight that would be amazing!


Re: 2 Hour Reception - is it enough time?

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    How many people are we talking?  Two hours could be fine for 20 and not fine for 100+.

    We had about three hours between entrance to the dining area and completion of desert which is when dancing and the real partying got started, and it felt about right, but we had 125 guests.

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  • Hey, 

    We are having a 2 hour reception dinner in a private dining room, there will be about 24 of us. I was worried like you that this would not be long enough so I have a cocktail hour booked before hand and then a 3 hour drinks package organised at a bar for after.

  • Good point! I have 30 guests. Maybe it will be ok! I've only ever been to big weddings with super long receptions to it is hard to imagine.
  • As long as you have an after-the-reception plan in place for those who want to carry on the party, you're set! I think two hours would be fine for a small group. We had people leave immediately after the ceremony, and others who hung out for about half an hour and then took off... and others who partied hours after we left, too. :)
  • We had about 30 people.  We did 2 hours at  Bacchanal and then booked the Double Decker Bus for a tour.  It was perfect.   The 2 hours at Bacchanal flew by.
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