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I really want to donate my centerpieces from my wedding.  I found a non-profit that will come to the venue to collect them after the reception is over, create new arrangements, and deliver them (and even send pictures of people receiving them!).  They ask for a $300 donation to cover up to 15 centerpieces.  My mom is very against the idea of not only paying for the flowers, but then also paying to donate them, but I think it’s reasonable considering the amount of time and effort they’ll be putting in.  My fiancé and I are completely okay with paying the donation fee ourselves, but my mom still hates the idea of paying to donate.  Any opinions? 

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  • We just donated them to local buildings we felt that people would enjoy having them, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. My mother was the one that actually delivered them so I'm not sure of exactly where she went (I know at least to the nursing home that took care of my grandmother before she passed). This was free minus time and cost of gas. Where are you located? A simple search found a few other non-profits that do exactly this and don't charge. I think you could keep looking and if you still want to give money do so separately, but that is just what I would do. 
  • I live in south jersey. I've tried finding non profits that don't charge, but so far no luck. If anyone knows of any that work in my area, I'd really appreciate it! 
  • I think that's a reasonable fee to not have to deal with packing up the arrangements at the end of the night, taking care of them, and delivering them yourself. Tell your mom you're going to do it unless she has a better plan that doesn't involve you, her, or your guests having to do the work of dealing with the flowers at the end of the night. 
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    Yeah I wouldn't pay a $300 fee.  If you're doing this because you don't want to deal with the hassle of packing up the arrangements at the end of the wedding, have the MC play the flower giveaway game.  The band or DJ plays a song as dinner is ending, and the guests at each table pass around a napkin or something...whoever has it when the song stops wins the centerpiece.  

    If you're doing this bc you'd like someone who could use a lift to have a floral centerpiece, I agree with PP, a nursing home may take them for free.

    ETA: to clarify my first sentence, I personally wouldn't pay $300.  I think a $300 fee in NJ is fair for what they're doing- coming out at midnight or 1am (I assume) when the reception ends, sorting through the flowers, creating new centerpieces, delivering them, taking photos. If you and your FI are paying, does it really matter what your mom thinks though?  It's not effecting her or other guests' comfort so she shouldn't really mind how you spend your money.
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    A simple announcement "After our wedding party dance we encourage the guests if you would like to take one of the centerpieces home or know of someone who would enjoy flowers to brighten their day, please feel free to take an arrangement with you - please do not take the bridal nor bridesmaid bouquets!"
  • We just sent our centerpieces home with guests. While I can see where a fee would be involved with the service, I personally don't get it. 
  • I understand the fee.  I personally wouldn't do pay it, but if you are ok with it, that is all that matters.
  • What's the name of the $300 company?  
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