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Help with STD and invites?!?!

Hi friends, my wedding is July and I am sending out STD this weekend. Our venue allows 175, and my guestlist is 220. We know for a fact about 30 people definitely wont be there. And I hear its unlikely everyone invited can come, although it could.

I am wondering if anyone invited over their max? Many people say dont do it bc what IF everyone can come then you promised spots without room. But others say its fine within reason bc rarely 100% confirm.

Wondering if I should just send STD to 175, and when it comes time for invites, then send out a few rounds?

advice much appreciated!!! obviously wedding planning is a new experience for everyone here (mostly) but gosh its overwhelming! Quick engagement due to fiances military status :0 

Re: Help with STD and invites?!?!

  • I would send the Save the Dates to 175. There's not really a point in sending the Save the Date to 220, if you already "know" the ones who won't come. Narrow your list down...because if 200 people really do RSVP yes then it will be a problem if the venue doesn't allow the headcount. If there are people on your list who you want to invite but wait to see how the RSVP's go that's fine to. 
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