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Longest job position you held?

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What's the longest job you ever had?  And how do you leave a comfortable position/"best job ever"?  I'm looking at different jobs right now- and just the IDEA of moving from a comfort zone scares me.

p.s - mine is 5.5 years. Not a long time!

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    The longest job I had was 5 years - my second job out of college, but the first one in the industry I am currently in. My first job out of college I worked as a producer for a major news network for 3.5 years.

    I wanted to use my creativity for good rather than evil (aka not hoping for tragedies just to have something new for the next show like many of the more seasoned anchors/reporters/producers I worked with), so I completely switched to working in the AEC industry for a global design firm where I stayed for 5 years before leaving for another design firm with the goal of professional growth. I was at that firm for 4 years, and then left again for professional growth. I just celebrated my 2nd anniversary with the company I am with now and can see myself here for at least another 3-5 years. 

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  • I haven't had a lot of jobs - was a SAHM for 15 years. The longest was 6 years at an elementary school. After DD and before DS1 were born I worked for 3 years then 2 years in research labs. If I had stayed at the first job (3 year) I might still be there. The people were great and the boss was very understanding of a working mom since she was one herself. I took the 2nd job for the raise in pay - money isn't everything!

  • I am not one that seeks out change, even when I know it is probably best.  My first job lasted 6 years, with relocation forcing the issue.  My next job was 12 years, with child rearing issues requiring a change.  I stayed at the third position for 12 years.  I would have seen that position through retirement, but my school reassignment created a 25 mile (one way) commute, at a time when gas prices hovered at $4.00 per gallon.  Ironically, that winter was also a record snow fall amount in our area.  Co-workers that winter had 2+ hour commutes home on several occasions.  It was a tough decision, particularly since I had accumulated 120 sick days :-(  but the longer days and commutes made the decision a little easier.  I have been at my current, and last position 5 years.  I found a position in my home district and have virtually no commute.  I can and do often walk to work.  The day I wake up and decide it no longer makes me feel happy, productive, and valuable is the first day of my retirement.  I'm in no hurry. 

    I had a few "gap" years when my kids were babies.  I was also able to work part time for some years when the kids were smaller/younger.  Finally, I work in school settings and have built in time off throughout the year.  It is a little easier to work longer because it is not a strict 9-5, 50 week work year.
  • Still here, 11 years, Sales Associate for a financial services firm - It's not the best job ever but not the worst....let's just say it's a passionate love hate relationship
  • 14 years and 3 months, so far...I'm a lifer at this point.
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