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Adults Only Wedding- wording on website

Hi all,

We will be having an adults only wedding. Ourwedding invite envelopes will just be addressed to those invited but I know that won't be enough for some of our family to still presume their kids are invited so I want to put it on our website too.

I have worded it like this, 'Due to the late starting of the ceremony (our ceremony begins at 5.30pm) we have decided to keep our wedding an adults only event. We apologise to our family and friends for any inconvenience this may cause.' However I am wondering if this reason for not inviting kids seems a bit feeble. Should I instead just write that our wedding is an adults only event without any explanation? I just don't want to p*ss too many people off.

Re: Adults Only Wedding- wording on website

  • If you leave it up, don't give a reason, or apologise for inconvenience.
  • Bad idea.  Don't write "adults only" anywhere.
  • Yeah, definitely don't give people a reason, as that just opens the door for them to come up with a solution to that reason ("Oh, that's ok--Timmy stays up till 10 anyway!" or "We'll just bring them to the ceremony and get a sitter for the reception part" etc).  If people RSVP with their kids, call them up and say "I'm sorry for the confusion, but the invitation was just for you and H.  We hope you will still be able to attend."  
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    Ditto PP to have "no children" spread by word of mouth. 

    Definitely don't write what you suggested.  1) What's too late for each family will vary and 2) apologizing to everyone would imply that you're doing something wrong, and it's not wrong to have a kid-free wedding.  It's just wrong (well, rude) to write out who isn't invited.
  • It's a choice to have an adult only wedding.  You made that choice - OWN IT!  If you're apologizing for it - you aren't owning your adult decision.  A 5:30 ceremony time is NBD for those of us with kids and comes across as condescending.  Even if it was a 9PM start-time the line you're using still comes across wrong.  

    For those who don't get the hint when they get an invitation with only the adult names and "2 seats have been reserved in (guest names) honor" on the RSVP, then you pick up the phone and call and correct the misunderstanding, it's part of owning the decision.  And yes, tell the Chatty Cathy of the family and your parents/siblings that it's o.k. to spread the word that it's adults-only.  
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