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Prospective photographer questions

I'm having a phone meeting with a photographer I'm interested in hiring this evening, and am wondering if there are any good questions I should ask? I have a few of my own, but don't want to miss anything.

I'm thinking of hiring her for about 8 hours, but that would cause her to be finished up about an hour before the reception ends. Do you need a photographer for the entire reception? We aren't doing any kind of grand exit or anything.

Re: Prospective photographer questions

  • Our photographer left our reception 3 hours in. We didn't do any grand exit, so that worked for us.

    I would ask:
    - Can you run through what a typical 8 hour day looks like for you?
    - Have you ever shot at XYZ venue(s) before? 
    - How often, if ever, have you gone over the specified time in the contract to deliver pictures? How do you "make it right" with the customer?
    - Will you require a meal? If so, when and for how long?
    - If we want a second shooter, do you have a partner?
    - Can we provide a list of photos we want you to take? (e.g. the jumping picture, the GMs holding the bride picture, etc.)
    - Can we provide you with a list of family photos we want?
    - If we want a pre-meeting at our venue(s) to show you where we want photos and to go through the lists of photos/family photos we want, do you charge extra?
    - Can you accommodate XYZ special requests?
    - Can you please send a list of references and some examples of your work?

  • This was perfect, thank you!
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