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Seeking Great Gatsby style Invites : On-line vs In Store (and where!?)

Hey everyone!

My FI and I are getting married in October, and we are having a Greaty Gatsby / art deco themed wedding at a museum here in town. Our colors are gold, black, and burgundy, and the ceremony/reception are both at the museum on a Sunday evening.

Our StDs are in the midst of being sent out and now I'm on the hunt for Great Gatsby like invitations. My best friend had found the template we used for the Engagement party (also GG-like) off of Etsy; and while I'm not opposed  going down the route again I'd like to find out what has worked for others in the past, especially if you have done the GG style. The flowers, small cake with macarons, lighting, attire etc - it will all have that style and now I'm starting to stress over where to begin with the invitations.

I've started my search on WeddingPaperDivas, Minted, VistaPrint etc but open to anyone's insight or input, and whether they've had better luck with in store vs online.

Hope to hear from someone!

Re: Seeking Great Gatsby style Invites : On-line vs In Store (and where!?)

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    I had a girl on Esty design my invitations and then she sent me digital copies of the proofs and I could request any changes and then she sent me the final digital copies with bleed lines. Then I took the digital copies to a local print shop and worked with them to have the invites printed out on the paper I liked. It all ended up being way cheaper than I would have paid at Walmart/Vistaprint. 

    I paid $40 for the Etsy designs. And the print shop charged me $130. I had 5x7 invite, 4.5x5 accommodations card, 4.5x5 RSVP card, and business card sized wedding website/hashtag card and all the envelopes were included. 

    I felt like i got a great value by doing it that way and I had custom invitations! I received a lot of compliments about my invitations when I sent them out. 

    ETA: just make sure you choose a good Etsy shop with good reviews :)

    Also I should add i had a total of 125 invitations printed out at that price. So $170 total for everything. 
  • I agree with @adk19 re: The Great Gatsby vs. Art Deco generally.

    I've gotten several designs from Etsy and uploaded them to VistaPrint to be printed, and I've had a lot of luck...though you may find things cheaper at a local printer.

    I'd suggest looking for Etsy shops with suites, as well as good reviews. A cursory search turn up this:

    Or this:

    Both have good ratings with plenty of reviews.
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    If you are seeking to recreate the 1920's time period, I would suggest a more simple style with a sort of art deco suggestion. is budget friendly.

    I agree with other about "Great Gatsby" being a terrible theme for a wedding.  Have you actually read the book?

    Some of these wordings are terrible.  Think about posting your wording here before ordering.

  • As an Etsy fan/seller myself, I definitely 3rd taking a look there. Lots of people are happy to create custom designs, so if you find a desingner whose work you like, who has good reviews, ask about a custom listing.  Make sure you read the reviews!

    I've ordered loads of stuff from Etsy and I've had wonderful experiences.  
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