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Gifts for our parents... the struggle is real!!

My fiancé and I are getting married in a month and are searching for gifts for our parents.  We both need some help!  

He wants to get gifts for his parents, which he would like to be a useful item (don't ask me for an example, he just says "I don't know, something that they can use" :| ...  "Thanks hunny, that helps!" lol). He works a lot so I try to gather ideas then he can narrow it down.

I am looking for something sentimental for my dad (I already found a willow tree figure for my mom)... I've scoured Pinterest and Etsy and see so much of the same things like handkerchiefs and flasks.  

Can anyone offer some suggestions for us???

Re: Gifts for our parents... the struggle is real!!

  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
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    As a former MOB and future MOG, my preference is pictures. They could either be in a small album or a frame (whichever would suit the parents). I also think a personal thank you in verbal and/or written form is much appreciated. I didn't want a bought thank you gift (not that I was consulted or made a request). However, DD and SIL gave DH and I an experiential gift. SIL took H to a baseball game and DD took me to a musical. 
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    As a former MOB, I loved pictures!  The best gift I received was when my daughter hugged me, and said "Thanks, Mom!  It was perfect!" after the wedding.  Oh, yeah, she also gave me a box of See's chocolate truffles! :)
  • We gave gifts afterwards. Photos from the wedding we knew they would like {like my mum, H and I and my mum's side of the family, her and myself}
    If you opt for that route, look at more personalized frames or maybe a small wedding book that they can add more photos as well.

    Side note; we ended up printing more photos later as a 'stocking stuffer' for family as we knew they would love more photos but wanted them to be side things.
  • Thank you for your suggestions!
  • MairePoppyMairePoppy Connecticut mod
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    I love my Shutterfly album from my daughter's wedding. I've never met a parent who wasn't thrilled with pics from the wedding.

    My ILs liked to give useful gifts - Late Uncle once gave my husband and I  a case of motor oil for Christmas. MIL liked to give grocery gift certificates, books of stamps, stuff like that. You probably aren't looking for something that useful, right? What about some candlesticks with good quality candles.

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    We got our moms two wall picture frames and put a picture of us with our moms as children in the first one, and then an engagement picture in the second one. We'll offer to "upgrade" it to a wedding photo with our moms if they want. We found a funky frame his dad would like and put a picture of FI as a kid with his dad in it. My dad is completely mushy, so I found a store on Etsy that makes picture frames with song lyrics on it. I got the lyrics to the song we'll dance to, and put in a picture of me as a kid with my dad. (I can't remember the store name, but PM me if you're interested and I can try to find it in my orders. It looks awesome and the cost was very reasonable!)

    ETA: We're also going to write them thank you cards, which I think will be the part they enjoy the most. That also seems to be the consensus I hear from most parents.
  • Pictures are a great idea!

    @MairePoppy, yeah... not that functional.  I didn't think of shutter fly though!

    @ahoywedding, yes!  I would love that!  If you find it, please let me know! 

  • Both of our parents got good pictures that they wanted.  MIL wanted a small album, my parents wanted simply an 8x10 of everyone in the family.  It's why we say hiring a photographer to come in and only take the key photos is important because the pictures are all that's left to remember the day.  

  • Pictures are a great idea!

    @MairePoppy, yeah... not that functional.  I didn't think of shutter fly though!

    @ahoywedding, yes!  I would love that!  If you find it, please let me know! 

    Here's the specific frame I ordered, but it looks like they have a billion options: 
  • I really appreciate everyones suggestions!

    @ahoywedding thank you!

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