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Dream Destination(s) For Fun

This has nothing to do with my honeymoon (there's already a post for ideas and we are still researching) but just for fun if you could go anywhere (can even be a multiple destination trip) and you didn't have a budget where would you go? 

*This is a game my co-workers played the other day when we were talking about travel and it was kind of fun. 

Re: Dream Destination(s) For Fun

  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown
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    edited May 2017
    I have been pretty fortunate to have been to some really cool dream destinations, so I only have one place left on my "bucket list" - The Maldives. I got close more than once, but various things popped up that prevented me from doing it (flight schedules from the Seychelles, can't have a legally binding wedding there, don't have enough vacation time, etc.) We talk about that trip all of the time. I just need to throw caution to the wind and blow everything else off to go. Oh, one day, I will get there!!!

    Some other neat ideas we've tossed around:
    - Palau
    - Cocos Islands
    - A multi-destination trip following around the F1 circuit. This would take MONTHS, so it has to be a post retirement thing.

    I travel a lot for fun and for work, so I'm always dreaming up something. 

    ETA since Southern included repeats!

    My repeats would be:

    - Australia
    - New Zealand
    - Fiji
    - Cook Islands
    - French Polynesia (um, can you tell I'm a South Pacific addict?)
    - Seychelles
    - Mauritius
    - Switzerland

    I think my top repeats would be Australia, New Zealand, and French Polynesia. Every time I go to French Polynesia it's a different experience. So much to see and do outside of the main islands. 


    charlotte989875[Deleted User]
  • My list isn't all exotic or far away lands and some would be repeats:

    - Alaska
    - Thailand
    - Uganda (safari + jungle)
    - New Zealand
    - Iceland
    - Amazon jungle
    - Croatia
    _ Egypt
    - Guatemala
    - an "out west" road trip
    - the mid-section of the Appalachian Trail
    - Cape Cod
    - Highway 1 coastal road trip

  • London to Beijing by train in my own private train car. 
  • Iceland
    South Africa

  • I have traveled the world and done my bucket list.  I cannot persuade DH
    to go to Egypt and Israel, though, and I would have liked to go there. 
    I am glad I went to Russia five years ago.  I wouldn't go there today.
  • So many good responses. I've been to Iceland (probably my favorite next to Austria). Also I am jealous of those who have been to Russia, I'd love to go there! 
  • CMGragainCMGragain
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    So many good responses. I've been to Iceland (probably my favorite next to Austria). Also I am jealous of those who have been to Russia, I'd love to go there! 

    We went on a cruise ship.  The ship organized everything, and we were never on our own.  Good idea!  Russia has changed a lot in five years.  Our Japanese cruise this summer will stop in a Siberian port.  We will not get off the ship.  I refuse to spend any money in a country with such oppressive policies towards gays.
    If you think you would like Russia, Estonia is a good place to go.  I really enjoyed being there.
    Related image
    The palaces and museums in Russia make you realize why the Russian Revolution needed to happen!
  • We were kinda thinking about a cruise but we are one of those couples that likes to do things and explore on our own so I don't know. We actually were kind of looking at Estonia (yes we've done a lot of Europe both separately and together but I think I'd like Estonia too). Romania is another kinda bucket list place but I don't know anyone whose been there or safety of Romania really. 
  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North
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    On the need to visit list:
    Various parts of Africa (mostly southern and up through Botswana)
    Manchu Pichu
    Chile, to visit DH's relatives
    Laos/Cambodia (and Thailand for DH)
    South Pacific Islands
    Jordan (I want to see Petra)
    New Orleans 
    Around the World cruise, just to do it

    I've never been to the southern hemisphere (we'll make it this summer though!!) and really want to go, but it's a little trickier with their weather and my only being able to travel mainly in the summer.  Possible, but colder

    Iceland (to circle the island this time)
    Hawaii, always as my go to beach stop
    Paris, with DH
    Croatia, for more time there
    Estonia, to do more of the country versus Tallinn itself

    Really, I just want to travel everywhere and not have to work ;)

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    [Deleted User]STARMOON44
  • Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon (I've done Israel and the West Bank and would go back in a heartbeat). 
    Canary Islands
    All the US National Parks (I've only done Great Smokey Mountains, but H has done more)

  • Antarctica! It might be happening in the next two years!

    I would love to do a whole bunch in Africa and South America. I keep telling myself that it is a marathon and not a sprint. We have lots of time to do everything we want. 
  • Thailand and Bali are my must repeats. Bali's delicacies and beaches are all awesome. Both a pretty cheap.
    would like to try Maldives and Fiji
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