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How long do cut flowers last?

calibride82calibride82 member
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I am in a wedding this Sat. I just found out the bride is getting the flowers today (Tuesday), and keeping them in water buckets in the garage. Thursday the bridesmaids are supposed to make the bouquets and centerpieces, then store them in the reception fridge until Sat. That seems like a long time, but I know nothing about flowers (I am dreading the arrangement party). I also read on here that fridges are too cold for flowers. Any suggestions for getting these flowers to the reception in good shape?

Re: How long do cut flowers last?

  • I would be super concerned about warm weather this week. If her garage is anything like mine, it can become downright roasty toasty in the garage in warm/hot weather, which I am sure the flowers will not appreciate!
  • That has all the makings for "Over the Hill and through the valley" flowers."..  She should be having the flowers arrive on Thursday if that's the day she's doing the arranging.  Oh well, it's on the bride if the flowers fall flat.  If you're in Alaska that's one thing for the flowers arriving today being kept in the garage, but anywhere else in the country NOPE!  Just roll with it, chances are good she's going to need to know Sam's has flowers available.  

    As has been mentioned before, and mentioned a hundred times - Bridesmaids are not staff nor servants.  Expecting them to do tasks such as this is "Above and Beyond" especially if this is not their professional line of business and they have not offered to provide the service at no fee.  
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  • We had our flowers delivered on a Wednesday and Thursday (used 2 different companies and followed their recommendations) for our Saturday wedding. I kept everything in our spare bathroom, which was cold and dark, in 5 gallon buckets with water and plant food. We transported everything to our hotel Thursday night, arranged everything Friday morning, and everything was still beautiful by Saturday afternoon. 

    I think as as long as your friend has all of the correct supplies for the flowers (buckets, plant food, Aqua foam, finishing spray) it shouldn't be that bad. Floral arrangements typically last 3-5 days. The fridge is a little of a concern to me, tbh.

    Side note, flower arranging was actually one of my favorite activities with my friends and family. My MIL hosted "mom"osas and I invited people to swing through while we were doing it. Several people sat down to help or build their own centerpiece. Granted I have them full creative license but MIL's BFF enjoyed it so much that now she does it at home. I hope that you have fun 
  • We picked up flowers Friday morning and made the bouquets that day as well, for a Saturday wedding. We kept them in my parents' fridge, but that maybe wasn't necessary. My bouquet actually froze overnight so my mom re-did it Saturday morning! Looking back, I don't know that we needed to refrigerate them, they still looked good for a couple days after the wedding. It may depend on what type of flowers you use though. My irises weren't super great on Monday, but the mums stayed nice for like a week.
  • DrillSergeantCatDrillSergeantCat Oklahoma City, OK member
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    I picked up or had delivered my flowers on Thursday for my Saturday wedding. I kept them in buckets of water in my bathroom (to keep the cats out) and I turned the thermostat down in the house to the mid-60's. After we arranged them, they went into the fridge. 
  • @calibride82 just realized today is flower arranging day for you! How did everything turn out with the flowers?
  • Thanks all. We haven't arranged yet. The poor flowers were delivered from 2 hrs away, and  were late. They were just moved from the brides' appt to the hotel, and were trimmed and are drinking now. We are going to keep them in a cool bathroom rather than the fridge thanks for your help!
  • The flowers looked kind of sad when they arrived. There was a great deal of baby's breath and some other drier type flowers that dry well that looked ok. The peonies, roses and greens looked a little sad. They peonies and roses did perk up quite a bit after sitting in water for a few days and having the old petals peeled off, but the greens were wilty. My part in arranging was just carrying boxes and buckets, and fetching water, so I was not creatively stressed. The end effect ended up looking pretty good.
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