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Hello everyone, I know these boards aren't as active as they were when I first joined but I'm hoping someone will have some advice. I really like the glitter invitation suites on Jupiter & Juno/ Just Invite Me, but the more I research, the more I see how expensive they are. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any other invitation companies that carry invites like these but are less costly? I have a sample from Jupiter & Juno already, so I can compare quality to any other company. Thanks!

Re: Jupiter & Juno/ Just Invite Me

  • Hi, OP!
    I think a lot of your cost with Jupiter & Juno will be due to the letterpress. If you are fine with any other method of printing, then I think you can easily do something similar for way way less. 

    It looks like the only real glitter elements are the belly band and the envelope liners - the rest of the suite use a gold metallic ink. 

    For the glitter belly band - try (I used them for my wedding because they had an inexpensive envelope option in the special size I needed and the metallic liner I wanted.) They have a gold sparkle belly band that looks similar to the one you posted above. 10 would be $8, 50 would be $19, and 100 is $36). They also carry gold and rose gold sparkle liners for envelopes (these are super easy to insert), and you could probably find the envelopes you wanted there too. I will caution you that metallic and glitter envelopes will be nearly impossible to address clearly, so your best bet is a regular envelope with a sparkly liner - which is what is shown on the Jupiter & Juno site. 

    For the invitations themselves, I am sure you could find something comparable at Wedding Paper Divas or Minted or even Vistaprint. 

    Hope this helps!

  • OP, I am having trouble seeing your photo in detail.  Could you give us a like to that invitation?  I'm rather good at helping people shop for invitations.
  • Sparklepants41 I actually don't want the letterpress. I'm looking at foil and digital printing which was about $300 cheaper than the letterpress.


  • OK, to start with, you are looking at square invitations.  Those will cost you a lot extra to mail - like almost double!  If you can compromise on standard size rectangular invitations, you will save a lot of postage.
    The invitations you like seem to be a blush shade on paper with foil letters.  I did find this site.  You could order their invitations and then make your own belly bands from materials you buy at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  (Their wording is TERRIBLE!  We can help you with standard wedding invitation wording.)

    Here is a nice one by Invitations by Dawn if you cam give up on that pink color.  It has a similar look.

    Here is a square one, but remember that extra postage!

    DH is yelling at me to come to bed.  I like Invitations by Dawn.  They do traditional raised letter printing, too.

    Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

  • Thank you CMGragain. They are rectangular and those aren't the colors I want, I just posted that as an example of the style. The original pic I posted is of the very first invitation suite in that link. I'm gonna check out the Invitations by Dawn, I've seen that site mentioned before somewhere but didn't give it a second thought.
  • I saw a tutorial once about using sparkly wrapping paper cut into the right shape (use a cardboard template to draw the shape then cut) glued into cheap envelopes to save cost on the fancy envelopes. 
  • If you do find something you like on Invitations by Dawn, sign up with them on their website.  They do have frequent sales.
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    PS.  The fewer enclosure cards you need, the less expensive your invitations will be.  If your reception is to be in the same place as your ceremony, then you do not need a reception card at all.  The package from Jupiter and Juno says an "info card" is part of it.  I have never seen an invitation with one of these.  All you really need is an invitation and mailing envelope, and a response card and return envelope.  You could make those belly bands with ribbon from the craft store with minimal fuss and expense.  Envelope liners?  You don't need them, and nobody will care.
  • Thank you both for the info. Especially about the info cards. I will actually need one info card since most of our families are coming from out of town but I don't think I'd need more than the one.
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    Why do you need an info card?  What information is going to be on it?  Usually people put information on their wedding website.
    One money saving idea is to use a small business size card printed with the information.  Vistaprint has hundreds of designs and they are very, very budget friendly.  You can easily find one in a design that compliments your invitations.

    Current price is $7.99 for 100

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