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Ushers & Program Attendant - Do They Get Introduced at the Reception?

Hello lovelies!  I have been looking for an answer to this question for a few days now and can't seem to find any good references anywhere online. So here's the situation: in my wedding this upcoming fall (October - yay!), we will have 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen. Easy, right? Yes. BUT, we're also including my two male cousins as ushers and my female cousin as a program attendant, separate from the 4 groomsmen and 4 bridesmaids. They will be dressed like the wedding party; the ushers will have the same tuxes as the groomsmen, they just will only wear the vest (no jacket), and the program attendant has the same color dress as the bridesmaids but in a different neckline style. 

Here's my issue: My mom thinks that since the ushers & program attendant are dressed like the wedding party, they should be introduced into the reception like the rest of the wedding party.  Side note: they are recognized in our wedding program - they are included on the list as the "wedding attendants" under the bridesmaids and groomsmen. My fiance and I think it's a bit odd to announce them, not because we dislike them (they are my only cousins - we are both very fond of them), but because we've never seen anyone else do that, especially since ushers are traditionally doubling as groomsmen. Can I get some opinions here? As well as some advice on how to navigate either side of the argument when we do make the decision (aka how to tell my fiance that we are announcing them/how to tell my mom we aren't - both are very stubborn people :wink: ). Thanks in advance! 

Re: Ushers & Program Attendant - Do They Get Introduced at the Reception?

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    I have never seen tuxedo wearing ushers, and wearing a tuxedo without the jacket is just improper.  No way would by husband or my son agree to dress like that.  Your cousin shouldn't have to dress in any special color.  I think you are asking way too much of these people.

    Your Mom is pointing out that you are treating these people as if they were members of your wedding party by asking them to wear certain clothes, however you are not honoring them!  She has a point.
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    They're in your wedding party so yes they should be introduced. They should also be given gifts. 
  • Please don't ask someone to be a program attendant! And if you must at least let her wear whatever she wants!!!
  • Yikes, you're making them spend money on the same clothes as the WP? If that's the case, they should be invited to the rehearsal dinner, given a thank you gift, and introduced. BUT only IF they agree to all of that. 

    "Program attendant" is not an honor. It can be performed just as well by a basket as by a human. Ushers aren't totally necessary, but I feel like they're still fairly common in more traditional weddings. If your cousins agree to be ushers, a black suit they already own should be fine. I was an usher in my cousin's wedding years ago and just wore a black dress I already had. I wasn't introduced, but was invited to the rehearsal dinner. I also felt pretty useless, since people know how to find an empty seat. Her brother escorted our grandparents down before the WP. 
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    A ) Don't announce anyone - no one cares, and many WP members feel super awkward walking/dancing/etc. into the reception. What do you do? No one knows. "Cute" intros are never actually that funny or cute.

    B ) If you are going to have people announced, announce everyone so they at least feel moderately important or cared about relative to your A-list bridal party.
  • Oh and totally agree that they absolutely should be invited to the rehearsal dinner along with their SOs (if applicable).

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    If you are asking them to dress up and do other things for you beyond what wedding guests would normally do, then you should treat them as wedding party members. That means inviting them to the rehearsal dinner with their SOS and announcing them along with the other wedding party members.

    Otherwise, don't announce any wedding party members and don't ask these people to dress up or be ushers or "program attendants."
  • I'm not at all opposed to the concept of an usher, provided they are given equal respect of the people chosen to stand up for the Happy Couple. Gift, rehearsal dinner, bridal party photos, bridal party announcements at reception if announcements are done, program mention. I consider the usher just as important as the others standing up. 

    Program attendant "role" is silly and unnecessary though. 

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