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New Jersey

Change to guest list

In a sticky situation... need some help! My wedding is still one year out, haven't sent save the dates or invites yet. Fiance and I have been engaged for almost 6 months and have been working on the invite list.... what do I do if I have people I discussed the wedding with and told them they were invited but had a falling out with? I was never really best friends with them or saw them frequently... not sure why I even thought to invite them in the first place. I know it's not polite to tell someone they're invited and then not invite them without explanation, but it's unfair to myself and fiance to invite a couple people we no longer speak to... especially when we have limited space at our venue and have others who we want to invite. So what's my best way out of inviting them? Also, what if there's some people in that friend group I still want to invite? Looking to see if anyone has been in this situation or a similar one. I really don't want to be a bridezilla .... but looking to see if there's a polite way out of my situation :neutral: Thank you all SO much! :smile:

Re: Change to guest list

  • Unfortunately, there's no "polite" way out of these situations. If you had a falling out, it should already be implied they are no longer invited. I just got married in April, we planned our wedding for two years. My husband and I had SO MANY awkward situations with people who expected to be invited to our wedding but weren't. It made me sick in the beginning because I felt like such an ass, but at the end of the day...you invite those closest to you both and those who have brought great meaning and love to your relationship. Fill your room with the people you truly want there. It is YOUR day, no one else's. Many people will be offended, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. SOMEONE will get upset. I had people whom we hadn't seen for months or even YEARS expect to be at our wedding. Um, where we you before? It's ridiculous. Not many understand what goes into weddings these days or how incredibly expensive it is, they just see the word PARTY and automatically want to join. You'll move past it trust me. I now look back on our photos and don't regret a thing. Everyone that mattered was there.
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