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Vent and vibes

MIL sent DH a text "call when you get home." around 2ish.  DH tried to call and his mom didn't answer but texted back "can't answer call back later."  His brother got the same original text and response when he tried to call.

Now we're all worried something is wrong.  Why not just wait to text or answer the phone?  I hope it's nothing serious and I can just be pissy at how she handled it, but I'm certain it's something bad.  Vibes it's nothing bad?

Re: Vent and vibes

  • I'm sure it's nothing. I definitely get why you're freaked though, I would be too.
    Maybe your MIL is just busy and can't talk?
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    Good vibes that nothing is wrong. I also hate texts or messages like that because I always worry 
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    She just called me asked if I was home then started to say she meant rd to make sure I wasn't driving around then had to go because Bil was calling. Ugh
  • Ugh, 6.  I'm sorry that you're not getting answers.  :/ 
  • Fingers crossed and good vibes sent. Hopefully she won the lottery.
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    "I can't answer now.  Call back later."  Uhhhh......can she just call him when she is free and available?  How odd.  I hope you find out soon what is going on.

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    *vibes for nothing or something good*

    Maybe she won the lottery, who knows? Or maybe it hit her that she wants to make Christmas plans RIGHT NOW and she feels silly leaving on a text? Who knows? 

    Hope it's nothing bad!

    ETA: @missJeanLouise I just read your comment
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    Dhs grandma has a mass on her lung. Sfil had bad psa numbers and has a 24% chance of prostate cancer (I don't know how this number comes up).  
  • Oh my! That is some serious news. Do they know how big of mass? And what is psa?
  • I'm so sorry to hear this, @6fsn. I hope that they can treat his high PSA and that they can treat your Gmil for the mass.
    @missJeanLouise, PSA is a blood marker they look at as an indication for prostate cancer. I believe anything below 12 is normal (not sure though). However, an elevated PSA doesn't necessarily mean cancer. My dad had elevated psa for years and never developed prostate cancer.

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    Cancer lady, here...prostate cancer, if he does have it, is one of the "good" cancers that is treatable.  My late FIL had it for more than 20 years, and it wasn't a problem.  FIL died from alzheimers at the age of 88.  Prostate cancer is known as "old man's disease" in the cancer world.
    Thoughts and prayers for your husband's grandmother.
  • All the good vibes to DH's grandma. Hopefully it's treatable. 
  • There are two types of prostate cancer. The most common type typically affects much older men and is slow acting. A standard of care is "watch and wait", which means keep an eye on it but don't treat it because the person is far more likely to die of old age. In fact, in the past, most men over a certain age have had prostate cancer when they died and didn't know it.

    The other type of prostate cancer typically affects younger men and is more aggressive. It usually requires treatment.

    (Disclaimer: not an oncologist, not giving medical advice)
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  • Sending lots of healing and positive vibes!
  • I'm so sorry. My dad is having a prostate cancer scare too. His PSA was three times the normal limit and he has a biopsy scheduled for August. Even though prostate cancer is one of the most treatable, cancer sucks and it's still scary.  Sending you good vibes for SFIL and DH's grandma! 

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    Sorry to hear about DH's grandmother and SFIL. Sending good vibes!
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    Thanks all. FIL had prostate cancer a few years ago, but didn't tell anyone until he'd finished treatment and was all clear.  I just didn't like how MIL handled this.  I should probably cut her some slack because that was a lot to worry about.
  • Sorry to hear about all the scary medical news!  I hope everything turns out well.

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  • I'm so sorry to hear that news... :/

    My dad had prostate cancer at 50. Thankfully they caught it early at his annual physical when they noticed his PSA numbers spike. I'm not a doctor or anything and every case is different, but from what I understand, it is one of the more treatable cancers. Prayers for you and your family.

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