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Help! In-Suite Reception Bartender and Server?

I am hosting an in-suite reception at the Aria next month and not sure if I should hire a bartender and server, only a bartender or server, or neither? Is it in poor taste to not have a server at a reception? We are planning buffet style for the meal and heavy apps for cocktail, with 1 or 2 signature drinks and wine.  Help!!!

Re: Help! In-Suite Reception Bartender and Server?

  • I will have about 30 guest.
  • Hi, I'll have both a bartender and server at my reception.  The server will be able to at least pick up around the room and remove the trash if needed.
  • Thanks! Are you serving dinner or just doing apps? How many people? I've decided to just do apps so not sure a server will be necessary. I will also have a DoC on-hand as well.  My setup will be to have various dishes around the room as opposed to everything on 1 table.
  • We hosted a party in our suite at Mandalay Bay for all of our guests (there were 28 of us total) a couple of nights before the wedding.  We went to Walmart and purchased rubbermaid containers for I believe $5 a piece in our wedding colours and filled them with ice from the ice machines. We went to Lee's Discount Liquors and walked out with two carts of liquor (beer, wine, hard liquor, shooters, etc.) a big mix of things for less than $350.  I personally think everyone liked being able to serve themselves.
  • @hartmrs, we're going to be serving buffet dinner for about
    40 people.  My DoC will be bringing at least one server to man the buffet table and to walk the room (cleaning up, etc).
  • I certainly don't mind helping myself to drinks. :smile:  Probably depends on your guests as to whether they'd find that weird or not.

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  • Thanks all, decided to go with 1 bartender no server. I'll have a DOC so hopefully we will be good with that
  • Nice!  Who is your bartender?
  • We are going with Culinary Pros. Any other recommendations?
  • They're pretty popular on these boards.  I'm going rogue and trying BarSpirit Bartenders.
  • Nice! Did you get a good quote? Are you doing full open bar or signature drinks?
  • Also, what size cups is everyone using for drinks,  9 oz or 12 oz or something else?
  • I'm thinking the quote was reasonable but I have no idea.  But when they sent to me, I immediately thought sold!  $189 for 6 hours with tip jar.  I'm thinking of full open bar with a signature drink or two.  

    Just waiting for the bartender to tell me what he/she needs for cups.  
  • Hi All,

    Sorry to muddle in on your post, I too will be getting married in an in suite wedding on 1st September 2017 but so far we have nothing planned - looking for some help with schedule of the day and who people used for their chair hire, isle runner hire, and wedding cake. Oh, and if possible, any ideas for favours would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks


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    I would honestly feel weird ordering drinks from a server, especially with such a small amount of people, so I think you're on track with your idea of just the bartender!
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    Contact Rachael at Rachael's Custom Events....omg she is a God-Send and specializes in brides on a budget and smaller weddings. I just had my wedding and she went above and beyond. Message me and I will send you pics. Let her know that Tj referred you
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