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    I've thought she's mud for a long time, but what I can I say, I love reading drama!
    I do too, but in like 3 paragraphs or less. 
    True. I read the whole first post but I just couldn't even with the second. I barely skimmed it. 
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    thestaircasethestaircase member
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    My apology, sorry Ms. charlotte989875, I didn't comment further in the thread because Ms. PP (previous posters) said this is a wedding forum, not a baby or pregnancy forum. And the Moderator said it too that it best I go to a pregnancy forum.. I did apologize to Ms. MODs about this thread,--that it not related to wedding. And I said I will just go back to BabyCenter and CafeMom (the mommie-baby sites where I'm a frequent poster there, and post in there, and in my February 2018 birthboard in there).
    In page. 1,--I did said I want to post my pregnant bare belly pics towards the end of my second trimester (week 26-27), but Ms. PP said not want to see my bare belly bump pics. So I won't post it. I'll just go post it in the BabyCenter and CafeMom then.

    I came back to this thread today, because I want to share my 21 weeks anatomy scan ultrasound pics. This will be my last post here, as MS. PP have said this is a wedding board, so it best that I go back to the mommie-baby sites to post about my pregnancy and rambling in there.. I apologize again to Ms. MODs if this thread of mine have cause any incovenient to the site. Ms. MODs did say this thread didn't break any TK community rule, but I understand that it best if I just go back to my the mommie-baby sites and stay there in the mommie-baby sites.

    Sorry again to Ms. MODs, I want to leave my anatomy ultrasound pics here as a closure to this thread, I will leave after this, I won't further comment or post, my apology if the past till now my threads has cause inconvenient or bothering to the site.

    Update: I'm officially passed the half way mark in my pregnancy, I'm 21 weeks (21wk3d). yah! I'm very happy.

    I want to share ultrasound pics of my baby, if it okay.
    This is pics back of when I had my 12 weeks ultrasound, I wanted to know the gender, the skull theory said: Square forehead means boy. And round forehead means girl.
    My baby sure have a square and flat forehead. :-)

    Sorry, I omit out the top, due to it had my first name and last name, birthdate, and OB/GYN place, etc... so I prefer omit it out.

    Fast forward, October 6th was my anatomy scan (I'm 21 weeks).
    Update and pics of my anatomy ultrasound below (baby is 21 weeks in the pics below):
    I was anxious so I was very happy to find out my baby gender. I was thrilled able to get a potty shot.

    Me and my husband went, it is my OB (who speak the same native language Chinese as me) do my anatomy (and all my ultrasound) for me. In her practice, right in every appointment room has an ultrasound machine. And my OB she do it, and discussed the results in there with me herself.

    OB took alot and many detail measurements of my baby anatomy. Head, brain, face, spine, chest, heart, neck, diaphragm, stomach, abdominal wall, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and bladder, extremities, etc... and it all normal and function properly. Baby is very healthy.
    It just baby head and tummy abdomen is measure 4 days ahead (which my OB said it is okay).

    My anatomy is also normal, placenta position (no previa), umbilical cord has three vessels, and amniotic fluid levels enough.

    I was worry and literally sobbed over this pic below; I mean I know it my baby flat forehead, abdomen and little arm. But there is a big hole in my baby abdomen. Hic.
    My husband said anatomy is level 2 ultrasound, it shows organs, and that is the baby lungs and stomach. Yes, my husband he said that big hole in our baby tummy abdomen is the 'stomach'. 
    The ladies in the mommie-baby sites too also tell me that in anatomy ultrasound an organ appears like a big hole, it actually the stomach, or the bladder.

    eta: Sorry, I leave the anatomy ultrasound pics in links format.
    I uploaded the pic into postimg, (postimg is like photobucket where it let you register for free and upload pics into your photo album). I just leave the direct link here, you can click on the direct url link and it will take you directly to see baby anatomy ultrasound pics of mine: 

    And here is the potty shot! 
    It very clear my baby gender (what between my baby thighs), I mean the shot is clear as day, :-) My OB said she 100% SURE it a boy!

    And the rest of my anatomy ultrasound pics.

    eta: And I fully agreed with Ms. MOD southernbelle0915 comment below, if I can request this thread of mine to be CLOSE too please. Thank you.

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    If you are concerned that there is a hole in your baby talk to your doctor don't post it here. 
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    I just had a baby and have frequented The Bump, and even there, no one posts all the ultrasound pics they were given! One is perfectly sufficient for a baby board, and no one really cares over here. Honestly, I'm not interested in anyone's ultrasound pics but my own. They all look the same. 
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    Good lord.  TMI times 12.  

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    If you're already posting on all of these baby boards, WHY are you posting here? 
    Also, I don't think any of us are interested in seeing your uterus. You come here every few months with these long, drawn out posts, and yet, you've not once contributed anything to anyone else's posts.  
    Or fetus' penis.

    I'm just uncomfortable.
    Yes. I'd like to say that I would never like to see an ultrasound pic of a fetus's private parts. 
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    Since this thread is technically 3 months old, we can close it, right? @lyndausvi and other mods?

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    I would think so.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    lyndausvi said:
    I would think so.

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