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Do Dad's buy bridal shower gifts

I have a question on gifting etiquette: does the father of the bride give a bridal shower gift if they are not attending the shower? I know at a couple shower's I went to the gift was "From Mom and Dad", but what if the parent's are separated? I've scoured the internet and cannot find an answer to this question, any advice is appreciated, thank you!

Re: Do Dad's buy bridal shower gifts

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    If the father of the bride is actually invited to a shower, and he attends, then I would think he would bring a gift.  In your example, since the event was a couple's shower, it makes sense and stands to reason that the gift was given by both parents.

    My husband was not invited to any of the showers for my DD or DIL.  The gift card enclosure was signed by me.  I'm fairly certain I did not include my husband's name.

    Your answer also depends on the relationship between the separated parents in question.  My brother and SIL have been divorced for 10 years.  They will often still go in on gifts for birthdays, holidays, and weddings.  It was obviously an extremely amicable divorce. 

    You probably won't find an answer on the internet because it is dependent on too many personal variables. 
  • I'm not certain that I understand your question.  Are you asking if Dads send gifts to showers that they do not attend?

    Traditionally, a bridal shower was a simple party attended by the brides female friends and relatives (who were also invited to the wedding of course!)  They had coffee and dessert, and the bride opened her gifts as everybody watched and wished her well.  No men were invited.  It was a hen party.  The gifts were modest - dish towels, pot holders, etc.  Most brides needed these things.

    These couples showers are a very new thing.  They were unheard of when I was a bride.  Also, showers seem to have gotten much larger and fancier, probably due to the bridal industry.

    The only gifts that should be opened at a shower are the gifts brought by the shower attendees.  Gifts from people not invited to the shower would fall under the wedding gift area.  A couples marital status has nothing to do with anything.  I don't understand what you are asking.  Please clarify.
  • I agree with @MobKaz. If he is a guest at the shower, than the gift would be from the Dad and Mom if they are married (or amicably divorced as in her example). If he isn't a guest, than no he wouldn't send a gift.
  • No not usually. 
  • If the dad is invited to the event, then yes. If not, typically no. 

    But anyone can give someone a gift at any time. If my parents had been separated at the time of my shower and my dad had given me a gift to "help me build my home" or whatever, I would have thought it was incredibly sweet. 

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