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Williams-Sonoma Registry issues

Has anyone else had issues when it comes to making exchanges/returns to Williams-Sonoma?

It takes an hour per return. They gave me false receipts. I've called twice, and they still owe me money. I think it's a scam and a way they make more money off of registries. 

I would not recommend registering with them. Nice gifts, but not worth the troubles and dishonesty of this company. 

Re: Williams-Sonoma Registry issues

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    I've never had an issue with Williams-Sonoma and I shop there all the time.
  • I don't know what you mean by "false receipts." We registered there, and had no issues. The only thing I found slightly annoying was that if a gift was purchased online, the store couldn't issue us credit. They started the process, gave us a slip that said how much store credit we'd be getting, and a gift card was mailed to us. The awesome thing is that their credit works at Pottery Barn & West Elm as well (and vice versa)!
  • We experienced the dishonest practices of Williams Sonoma twice with returning items we received as wedding gifts. Both times we were not given store credit but told we would receive gift cards within the 90 day period they promise.  After 4 months we had not received the gift cards and in latest email from the company after they started the gift card was sent, they now state they recognize an issue that no gift cards are being sent. I submitted a complaint to the California BBB but would not recommend using the Williams Sonoma gift registry. 
  • I also would not recommend using Williams-Sonoma for your wedding registry. We used them our wedding in August 2021 and would often receive items shipped to us without any shipping notice emails, without packing lists and gift messages. It was really annoying to contact customer service multiple times to understand who had sent us which item. Would not use them again! 
  • Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn are the same company and I've had the same issues with both for wedding gifts.  You order off someone's registry, and only after you pay does it tell you the item is back ordered.  In several cases, I ordered several items on one order (all off a bride's registry), but they shipped each item seperately on different dates--and the gift enclosure card was only in one package.  Here's an example: I gave one couple two sets of 4-place settings of their dishes and a serving bowl in the same pattern.  The gift enclosure went out w/the serving bowl, so the 8-place settings of dishes arrived w/no indication of who they were from.  I got a thank you note for a bowl.  My daughter also registered w/PB and Ws, and she too received numerous gifts off her registry from WS and PB with no indication of who it was from.  In other cases, my daughter could see that certain gifts had been bought off her registry that she never received due to some shipping issues at PB.  My daughter said she spent hours on the phone with WS and PB trying to find out who sent what so she could properly thank people.   
  • @knottienumbers this thread is from 2017 and is considered a zombie thread. What you say is useful but it is better to start a new thread. Welcome to the Knot!
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