Tips for storing flowers before the wedding

Hi there! I am on a tight budget so I ordered my bouquets and boutonnieres from Tom Thumb. The issue is that my wedding is about an hour north of where I live so we are picking up the flowers the day before since the rehearsal/wedding is north.

How should I go about storing the flowers? Do they need to be a certain temperature or do you think they would be okay as long as the stems are in water? The wedding is at 6:30pm on Saturday so I will have the flowers for a little over 24 prior to the wedding.   

Re: Tips for storing flowers before the wedding

  • I DIY'ed our bouquets and we kept them in my parents' fridge. However, other posters have pointed out that a regular food fridge isn't always the best place & I think florists recommend against that too. A cool, dark room like a bathroom works well. If you're able to either keep the house cooler or cool down just that room that would be best. We made our bouquets Friday morning and the wedding was Saturday evening, and everything looked fine.
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    The refrigerator can be too cold for some flowers.  My son tried putting their flowers in a standard refrigerator.  Some of the flowers froze depending on where in the fridge they sat overnight.

    I agree with PP's that suggest cool dark rooms, preferably with A/C running.  You can also check with your florist or the company from which you ordered them and see what they recommend.
  • I purchased flowers Thursday evening for a Saturday wedding. I had black out curtains and a window A.C. in one of my bedrooms. Prior to picking up the flowers, I shut the door with the window unit set to 60. We kept the stems in a bucket of water/flower food. They kept very well. Also be sure that there are absolutely no leaves or greenery in your water, because they contain more bacteria and can contaminate your water, making your flowers "sick." 

    Let the florist know that you are picking them up 24 hours before the wedding so they can put your bouts together as close to pick up as possible.
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